Jim Carrey Says There’s One Movie he Regrets Making

During her forty-plus years in the Hollywood business, Carrey has played some famous roles, and some that were just plain eccentric.

But it was a film Carrey totally regrets to this day.

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Carrey first rose to fame in overall comedy films. Dumb and Dumb And Ace Ventura, Where her seemingly flexible face and endless supply of energy won her a lot of admiration from fans.

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Since then, Carrey has starred in a variety of genre films, including a range of excellent rom-coms Bruce Almighty.

But, Carrey also doesn’t shy away from more dramatic roles.

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He received considerable critical acclaim for his role in the dystopian reality television satire, The Truman Show. He also played a romantic straight man in the artsy classic, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

Along with her acting success, Carey faced a certain level of fame.

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Especially in the ’90s, Carey was one of the most recognizable faces in the celebrity world. His highly successful film roles led to a large number of loyal fans.


At first, Kerry seemed to court the public’s attention.

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But in recent years, he has become more private and less interested in maintaining his place in the public eye. In fact, he is often quite critical of society’s obsession with fame.


So instead, Carey has often been looking to troll the paparazzi.

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Here he is in 2008, wearing then-girlfriend Jenny McCarthy’s bathing suit – perhaps as a comment on how women are treated by the media, or perhaps just for laughs. .

But, when you’re as famous as Carrie is, it’s hard to avoid the photos.

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Especially when attending high-profile celebrity events with such regularity.

With a life in the limelight, it’s easy to assume we know a lot about Carrie…

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But behind the scenes, it seems like we don’t really know much about Carey’s life.

Over the years, details of several tragic incidents in his past have come to light.

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There seems to be a whole world of pain behind his smile.


Carey’s life tragedies began at a very young age – when he was a child, in fact.

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He was constantly afraid of his parents dying.

Speaking about her fear, Carey explained: “I remember locking myself in the bathroom and crying because I thought they were going to die.”

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“They knocked on the door, asked me to come out. I don’t know if I got over the fear at that point. It was just with me,” he said. Explained.


Carrie was also a very lonely child. Confessed that he “spent most of my time in my room staring at the mirror.”

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“I never knew I was supposed to be social. I went from being a straight student to not wanting to know anyone’s name or make friends.

Carey also faced a real threat in his childhood.

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Homeless, after his father lost his job.

“A lot of people don’t know this, but when I was 14 or 15, my dad lost his job and I was actually homeless for a long time.”

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“But of course, I grew up in Canada and I thought we’d go camping,” he joked onstage.

But that’s not all…

Carrey has been a successful comedian for many years now, but he wasn’t that way to begin with.

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During his first time on stage, things went very badly as he has previously described: “In the end I got a lot of applause from the stage because I said I was going to leave the stage.”

“Then I crawled through the audience on my hands and knees, stood behind the piano and started playing the keys, singing, ‘I hate you, you’ve given me cancer.’

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“I got in the car and I cried all the way home,” he said said. “Because I don’t want to make people unhappy.”

Carey has also struggled with her mental health for most of her life.

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He’s actually been quite vocal about his ongoing struggle with depression.

And of course, the public breakdown didn’t help his fragile state of mind.

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In 2010, Carey and Jenny McCarthy separated, and he turned to creative pursuits to try to get through the difficult times.

In fact, Carey’s relationship past has been troubled.

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McCarthy even once describing him as “the toughest man to date”.

“He’s someone who desperately needs to be with someone, then just as desperately needs to be alone. But at the same time, he can be a very loving, very compassionate man.”

Carey’s intense personality has also led to professional problems.

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During the filming of Man on the Moonhe fully immersed himself in the role of Andy Kaufman, but the way he acted made him lose himself.

Carey found himself asking the questions, “What do I believe? What are my politics? What do I like and dislike?”

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“If I can put Jim Carrey aside for 4 months, who is Jim Carrey?” They ask Which must have been very difficult to deal with.

But there is one major conflict that has dominated Carey’s life.

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In 2015, his ex-girlfriend Cathriona White tragically took her own life and the following year, Carey was sued by her ex-husband for wrongful death.

She claimed that Carey infected White with an STD and provided her with painkillers that she used to commit suicide.

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Carey fought back by filing a lawsuit claiming the family was trying to extort money from her and eventually, in 2018, both sides dismissed the case.

But we can’t imagine it was an easy thing for Kerry.

It is very clear to see that Carrie has faced many hardships throughout her life.

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And after overcoming a lot while juggling an astonishing career, it seems Carey thinks it might soon be time to start taking things a little easier…

Carey has revealed he is “probably” retiring.

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Fans are saddened to hear this news…

Carey revealed his plans to retire in the middle of an interview. Access Hollywood. To promote your film Sonic the Hedgehog 2.

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Carrey was talking about the film when the interviewer, Kit Hoover, mentioned that Dolly Parton had nominated Carrey as her casting choice to play her music partner.

Carrey said he hadn’t heard about Parton’s selection, but that he loved her.

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He said that we were born in different eras and it is a shame. “Because I chased him. I would have caught him.”

Hoover then asked Kerry if he would do so, to which Kerry announced his retirement.

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“It’s a beautiful thing. Well, I’m retiring but, yeah maybe,” he said before Hoover interrupted and asked if he was serious.

“It depends on if the angels bring a writing written in gold ink, which tells me it will be really important for people to see, I might.”

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“I can continue on the road, but I’m taking a break,” he added.

Carey further revealed that he loves his “quiet life” and his “spiritual life”.

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“I think so, and that’s something you won’t hear another celebrity say as long as there’s time. I’ve had enough. I’ve done enough. I’m enough.”

But while retirement is on the cards for Carey, he added that he would “always talk to Dolly.”

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“Dolly, to me, is an otherworldly ability that’s bigger than you can imagine.”

What do you think of Carey’s retirement plans?

Along with talking about his retirement from the acting business…

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Carrey also revealed the one role he regrets playing.

Kerry has done it all, going. How the Grinch Stole Christmas To Mask And all his other famous roles on the big screen.

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And through all of his successful parts, he regrets playing Captain Stars and Stripes from the comic book sequel. Kick Ass 2.

Carey played the role of a bat-wielding janitor in the film.

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Unfortunately, shortly before the film hit the big screen, America suffered its worst mass shooting in history when a gunman opened fire at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, killing twenty-six people. gave

The incident left many people wounded and seems to have particularly resonated with Kerry, who became a strong advocate for gun control after the incident.

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Carrey vowed never to play a role in his film that involved excessive violence.

“I did it kick ass A month before Sandy Hook and now in all good conscience I cannot support this level of violence,” Kerry wrote on Twitter in June 2013.

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“I meant to apologize to the other people involved in the film. I’m not ashamed of it but recent events have given me a change of heart.

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