Jillian Michaels Reveals The One Thing About ‘The Biggest Loser’ She Didn’t Like

jillian michaels looking back biggest loser,


If you are unfamiliar, biggest loser Focused on overweight contestants who aim to transform their bodies and lives with the help of health experts.

jillian One of the fitness experts and trainers on the show was helping contestants lose weight and keep the weight off, and in a new interview, she’s shedding light on what was wrong with the concept.

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during an appearance on Today, jillian He said that no one should have ever been eliminated from the show.


“Nobody should have been put off. That was my No. 1 issue with the show,” she said. “But the producers put on the weight. It was weight loss in a ticking clock.”

jillian He stated that the competition series, during his time, did not have an on-site therapist for the contestants. She said that she would actually call her mother, who is a psychiatrist, for help.

,biggest loser A mental health professional is needed,” she shared. “I guess there was some random guy they could talk to when they needed to, but these guys needed deep work. When you have someone who weighs 400 pounds, that’s the only person who likes pizza.” No. There’s a lot going on there emotionally.”

There are a few ways he stands still, including yelling.


“The people I yelled at are the ones who kept it shut,” jillian added. “You need them to feel the pain of the way they’re living. You need a rock bottom moment for them where they’re like, ‘I can’t take another moment.'”

if not seen jillian share some happy personal news At the end of last month!


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