Jess Eva Reveals Triple M Breakfast Was Removed The Day Before Final Show

Triple M Breakfast with MG, Jess & Pagey was taken off the air immediately, it was confirmed this morning.

Jess Eve made a shocking announcement about the future of the show on air today, informing listeners that the final show will take place tomorrow.


“The MG, Jess and Paige show will not continue in 2023 and you can tune in for the final show tomorrow,” the former Block member said.

She added that she and her co-hosts will not leave the station.

“We’ll be in the Triple M family and that’s great.”

MG added, “Tomorrow will be all about reflection. Tomorrow will be the year we spent together,” he said as the two enjoyed their time together.


“As for me, I feel like the MG, Jess and Pagey show will never leave me since I have a picture of MG on my butt,” Eva joked about her tattoo stunt after losing a bet last month.

“I just adore you… At the end of the day… If you can come here for a breakfast show and pick up a couple of soul mates and then come back again and drink wine, how good is life?”

In October, Chris Page announced his departure from Triple M Sydney, leaving the morning line-up on the air. After Paige left, Cat Lynch replaced him on the show, however Jess and MG confirmed that Pagei would be back for the final show tomorrow.

Southern Cross Austereo said in a brief statement: “SCA confirmed live today that the current 104.9 Triple M Sydney Breakfast show will not be returning next year.


“Announcement of Triple M Sydney Breakfast Show for 2023 will be made in due course.”

The news comes just over a year after Lawrence Mooney’s abrupt departure from what used to be called “Moon Man in the Morning”.

The breakfast show Triple M was embroiled in scandal following Mooney’s sudden and mysterious firing despite the comedian still having a year left on his contract, sparking a nasty legal battle.

Mooney was seeking more than $1 million for the alleged breach of contract, but the matter was known to have been settled in April. The details of the settlement are unknown.

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Before a settlement was reached, the 57-year-old’s lawyer raised concerns that the comedian would be “vilified” by the radio station for making unsubstantiated claims about his work for the company to justify his sudden dismissal.

According to Mooney’s lawyer, employment specialist John Lacson, the parties agreed to mediation after the SCA was late in filing objections.

“We are somewhat in the dark because we do not have their protection,” Mr. Lakson said.

“Pending what that defense might be and the allegations that might be made by the defendant. [in the absence of] any evidence to support these claims, what we may be left with is slander.”

Mooney was unceremoniously fired last November, and the reason for the move was kept under wraps.


At the time, Mooney was reported to have fallen out with co-host Eva and several other staff members as the show’s ratings dropped.

It is reported that before leaving the company, he disappeared without explanation for two weeks, disappearing from the air to the embarrassment of listeners.

On November 15, SCA released a brief statement saying, “SCA thanks Mooney for his contributions to the Triple M Network over the past five years.”

The program’s name was then changed to Triple M Breakfast with MG, Jess & Pagey with a new lead host, Mark “MG” Geyer.

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