Jenna Ortega prepares for two sleepless nights for the iconic Rave’n Dance on Wednesday

Viewers can’t stop admiring Wednesday’s dance on the Netflix series. From sharing videos to creating fanfiction, fans have already made it a hallmark of the show. Rave’N Dance from Nevermore Academy gives the protagonist the perfect opportunity to dance like no other. She enters the stage, so to speak, standing out with a dance that brings together many influences; all to the joy and confusion of her eventual love interest, Tyler.


Outstanding dance moves are celebrated not only by fans. daily beastLaura Bradley of Laura Bradley described it as “an explosion of arm-flapping, high-pitched kicks and piercing stares”, calling it the moment Wednesday established itself as a great show. Preparing for the stage gave the star several sleepless nights. Ortega had to put together something that would capture the spirit of her character, updating it for a new generation; what she came up with is borrowed from different styles.

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