Jen Shah asks for prison sentence reduction after guilty plea

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ahead Jen ShahAt the sentencing hearing, the Bravo star demanded a shorter prison sentence.

“The terrible business decisions I’ve made and the professional relationships I’ve developed stem from some of the personal pains I’ve been through in my life.” The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City The 49-year-old wrote a four-page letter to the judge, which CNN received on Saturday, December 17th.


Shah’s memo titled “How did I get involved in the situation?” – She said that she hopes to receive a prison term of three years. Earlier this year, the Utah native pleaded guilty to fraud and faces a maximum sentence of 30 years in prison with five years on parole.

Entrepreneur and Assistant Stuart Smith were arrested in March 2021 for their alleged role in a telemarketing scheme that scammed hundreds of victims, many of whom were over the age of 55. Although both Shah and Smith initially pleaded not guilty to all charges, Bravolebrity changed its statement in July.

“From 2012 to March 2021, in the Southern District of New York and elsewhere, I negotiated with others to commit wire fraud,” Shah said. Judge Sidney Stein during the hearing at the time, in which she noted that she knew her actions were “wrong and unlawful”, according to good morning america. “I knew it was wrong. I knew a lot of people were hurt and I’m really sorry.”


A former marketing specialist whose sentencing was deferred until January 6, 2023 spoke about the fraud trial. ROSLC Season 3, which premiered in September. While Shah continued to maintain her innocence during episodes, her future as a housewife remains up in the air.


“She’s being sentenced on December 15th so I don’t know what to say to people who want her on the show” ROSLC executive producer Andy Cohen exclusively told Us weekly in November, shortly before Shah’s trial was postponed. “I hope she doesn’t get any jail time and can return right away… but I have a feeling she won’t be available for the series.”


The 54-year-old talk show host added:[Her potential sentence is] for a long time. Some people on Twitter wrote: “We want Jen next season.” And I’m like, “Okay, talk to the judge.”

Although neither Bravo nor Cohen approached potential ROSLC a reshuffling of the cast, Shah did not attend the season three reunion when it was taped earlier this month.

“September 14, 2022, I was informed by Bravo executives that I was not invited to the third season reunion,” founder Shah Lashes said on Friday, December 16 in an Instagram statement. “I was disappointed because I didn’t have the space to confront the inaccuracies and discuss my storyline with the actors.”

Shah also claimed the network changed its mind last month and invited her to share her point of view at a special reunion event filmed in New York.


“I have made it clear to Bravo that, out of respect for the courts and standing order, I will not be able to discuss anything related to my court case or sentence,” she said in her Friday memo. “The Bravos found this unsatisfactory and said they expect discussion of this ‘storyline’. This expectation does not concern me or the well-being of my family; so on the advice of a lawyer, I will not attend the reunion. I need to focus on the most important thing in my life, my family.”


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