Jeffrey Dahmer Victim’s Mom Slams Evan Peters Over Golden Globe Win

At this week’s Golden Globes, the audience took issue with Evan Peters’ win.

And now, the mother of one of Dahmer’s victims has spoken out.

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Scroll through for what he had to say.


But first, let’s take a look at what everyone was wearing!

Monica Barbaro

GettyImages 1455650826.jpg.optimal
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A stunning red showstopper.

Dolly de Leon

GettyImages 1455651290.jpg.optimal
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We love this offbeat selection of oversized, masculine, powder blue suits!


Donald Glover

GettyImages 1455643358.jpg.optimal
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She looks sexy. And comfortable!


Michaela Jay Rodriguez

GettyImages 1455644174.jpg.optimal
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Wrapped like a gift we would love to receive.

Justin Hurwitz

GettyImages 1455644423.jpg.optimal
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Mustard velvet is a fabric that is so wrong, it’s right!

Julia Garner

GettyImages 1455644814.jpg.optimal
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He looks like a really expensive flower.

Steven Spielberg

GettyImages 1455645457.jpg.optimal
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He looks absolutely adorable.


Anderson Pak

GettyImages 1455645603.jpg.optimal
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Super 70’s and super cool – we especially love the hair!

Sherrill Lee Ralph

GettyImages 1455645660.jpg.optimal
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A magnum of champagne is the perfect accessory!


Moses brings a lot.

GettyImages 1455645673.jpg.optimal
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We love that he incorporates elements of his heritage!

Antonia Desplat

GettyImages 1455645766.jpg.optimal
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Black Victoriana lace always looks good.

Lisa Ann Walter

GettyImages 1455647482.jpg.optimal
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Sure, he’s gone a bit OTT, but that’s what the red carpet is for!

Jennifer Coolidge

GettyImages 1455647495.jpg.optimal
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Amazingly understated and chic.

Lewis Pullman

GettyImages 1455647971.jpg.optimal
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Adding different textures makes this all-black ensemble anything but boring.

Tyler James Williams

GettyImages 1455636300.jpg.optimal
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This slouchy blue marbled fabric offers a new twist on the classic suit.

Selena Gomez

GettyImages 1455636310.jpg.optimal
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A dramatic sleeve and train make a killer combo!

Mark Indelicato

GettyImages 1455636319.jpg.optimal
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We love this luxurious, luxurious fabric choice.

Natasha Levine

GettyImages 1455636338.jpg.optimal
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This sculptural dress pairs perfectly with her geometric hairstyle.

Anna D’Armes

GettyImages 1455636499.jpg.optimal
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Intricate jewelry is absolutely beautiful.

Lily James

GettyImages 1455636513.jpg.optimal
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Not only is this dress beautiful, but it also feels soft and fluffy to the touch.

Emily Uribe

GettyImages 1455636657.jpg.optimal
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We are into this bright, vibrant pink color!

Janiza Brava

GettyImages 1455636677.jpg.optimal
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This embroidered two piece is so cute.

Daisy Edgar Jones

GettyImages 1455637321.jpg.optimal
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This dress falls. Bus The right side of a lingerie.

Regina Hall

GettyImages 1455637402.jpg.optimal
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We love the bold choice of a leather column dress.

Ruben Katz

GettyImages 1455637467.jpg.optimal
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The look is perfect with this absolutely perfect mustache.

Elizabeth Wegmeister

GettyImages 1455637454.jpg.optimal
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Red sequins plus a plunging neckline plus sculpted shoulders look overwhelming, but look fabulous!

Neena Senekar

GettyImages 1455637789.jpg.optimal
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The simple look is elevated by a whole bunch of diamonds.

Lisa Colon-Zias

GettyImages 1455638763.jpg.optimal
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We love the contrast of different materials in this beautiful dress.

Sami Miro

GettyImages 1455638859.jpg.optimal
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We love everything about her, but those little red streaks in her hair are the perfect finishing touch!

Lindsay Collins

GettyImages 1455639053.jpg.optimal
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We love the dress, but it’s really about those fabulous shoes!

Devon Herman

GettyImages 1455641409.jpg.optimal
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You can never really go wrong with an LBD.

Paul Walter Hauser

GettyImages 1455642107.jpg.optimal
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Big bonus points for the iconic pose.

Thomas Jane

GettyImages 1455642766.jpg.optimal
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A more unusual color choice really elevates this tailored look.

Courtney Lauren Penn

GettyImages 1455642778.jpg.optimal
through Getty

is it black is it red Who cares – it’s brilliant.

Heidi Klum

GettyImages 1455633937.jpg.optimal
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Sure, it’s a little ridiculous – but that’s what makes it so great.

Jane Statsky

GettyImages 1455636637.jpg.optimal
through Getty

We love the reflective texture of this slinky dress.

Billy Porter

GettyImages 1455632345.jpg.optimal
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When it comes to the red carpet, Billy never lets us down!

Salma Hayek

GettyImages 1455633230.jpg.optimal
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The amount of detail in this intricate dress is absolutely beautiful.

Emma D’Arcy

GettyImages 1455633276.jpg.optimal
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We love them all, but blue gloves hold a special place in our hearts.

Jenny Slate

GettyImages 1455633368.jpg.optimal
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That shade of green looks absolutely gorgeous on her.

Jamie Lee Curtis

GettyImages 1455633438.jpg.optimal
through Getty

Who doesn’t love a little drama?

Barry Keoghan

GettyImages 1455633662.jpg.optimal
through Getty

We’re into this light blue color as well as the unusual boxy shape of the jacket!

Millie Alcock

GettyImages 1455633647.jpg.optimal
through Getty

This beautifully cut dress fits like a glove.

Lisa Koshy

GettyImages 1455633812.jpg.optimal
through Getty

We are always partial to the moment of seeing.

Margot Robbie

GettyImages 1455633828.jpg.optimal
through Getty

She truly looks like a fairy princess.

Quetta Brunson

GettyImages 1455633902.jpg.optimal
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A big, puffy gown is perfect for awards season.

Megan Stalter

GettyImages 1455633988.jpg.optimal
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She always thinks outside the box, and we love her for it.

Eve Edberry.

GettyImages 1455634958.jpg.optimal
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Contrasting colors really work here.


GettyImages 1455634894.jpg.optimal
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If in doubt, just stick one leg out.

domi thing

GettyImages 1455634945.jpg.optimal
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We are in a bright pink satin.

Elizabeth Holm

GettyImages 1455634960.jpg.optimal
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She manages to look both comfortable. And cold

Percy Hines White

GettyImages 1455635336.jpg.optimal
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We’re sucking for a good pair of flames!

Come on flowers

GettyImages 1455635440.jpg.optimal
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We want to take a nap on this train.

And finally, Seth Rogen

GettyImages 1455635446.jpg.optimal
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Sheer peachy perfection.

But what got everyone talking last night wasn’t the clothes…

GettyImages 1388091701.jpg.optimal
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It was a controversial win for Evan Peters!

He won Best Actor in a Limited or Anthology Series or Television Movie for his portrayal of Jeffrey Dahmer.

GettyImages 1437357023.jpg.optimal
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But many felt that she should not have won the award for acting in the super divisive show.

One person tweeted: “I’m so glad he won this controversial show and at least he could admit to the victims and their families that Dahmer exploited them.”

evan peters is not returning for american horror story season 9 17.jpg.optimal
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“Imagine losing a family member to Jeffrey Dahmer and finding out someone has been given an award for dramatizing his crimes,” added another.

And now, the Dahmer victim’s mother Tony Hughes Talked to TMZ

GettyImages 1012210906.jpg.optimal
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“There are a lot of sick people around the world, and people keep the acting craze going by playing killers and it promotes sick people to fame,” he shared.

“It’s a shame that people can take our tragedy and make money.

GettyImages 51955467.jpg.optimal
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“The victims never saw a cent. We go through these emotions every day.

What do you think of Peters’ win?

evan peters is not returning for american horror story season 9 7
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And how do you feel about it? Dahmer The series as a whole?

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