Jeff Garlin exits ‘The Goldbergs’ shortly after HR inquiry over unprofessional behavior

Jeff Garlin left it the goldbergs,


According to reports, the 59-year-old actor, who played Murray Goldberg in the long-running ABC show, has pulled out of the series following an internal HR inquiry. time limit,

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The news came just a few weeks after they were accused of unprofessional behavior On the sets of a comedy show.

it was alleged that Jeff Contributed to an abusive work culture and “engaged in a pattern of verbal and physical conduct on set that made people uncomfortable.”


a source told Vanity Fair in an op-ed that Jeff “Had gotten away with it as he called himself to it — saying he was a big teddy bear, saying, ‘Oh, you know me, just a big bowl, I’m a hugger. I just love you.'”

Jeff It also responded to the allegation of an incident between him and the stand-in “which was both physical and verbal.” He denies that anything physical happened and says that he has known both the stand-in and his wife for years.

Deadline is reporting that today (December 15) there was a mutual agreement with Jeff There is no returning to the show, and his exit is effective immediately.

A representative for Sony Pictures Television, which produces the comedy, did not comment.


the goldbergs lost one of its cast earlier this year, as George Segal, who played pop, died unexpectedly,


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