Jason Hitch dies: 90 Day Fiancé star dies at 45 from covid

One of the stars of the reality series 90 Days Fiancé has died due to complications from COVID-19, according to her sister.

Jason Hitch’s sister, one of the stars of the second season of the reality series 90 Day Fiancé, has died due to complications from COVID-19.


sister shannon TMZ. Confirmed That Hitch – who had not been vaccinated against the virus – died Tuesday at the age of 45 in the ICU of an undisclosed Florida hospital. Hitch’s family was reportedly by his bedside for his final moments, holding his hands.

To the family’s knowledge, Hitch did not suffer from any pre-existing conditions, but in addition to COVID-19 complications, he could have died from “other factors”, Shannon suggested.

He called his brother, who was a first lieutenant in the Army Reserves in Florida, a “true and honest marksman, a great officer and leader to his people.”

appeared to be a bottleneck 90 day fiancé In 2014, where he married a Brazilian woman, Cassia Tavares, who moved to the US to be with him.


The two separated by 2017 and divorced the following year.

“A successful relationship is all about communication, physical attraction, and doing whatever it takes,” Hitch said. radar online About their divorce in 2018. “Right now it is time to go in different directions. I think we will remain friends. She knows I have her best interest at heart. ,

He also defended his ex against those who believed that Tavares married an American bachelor only for citizenship.

“She didn’t come here just to be a US citizen,” he said. “She had a good life in Brazil. She was about to finish college. She didn’t have to marry me.”


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