Jamie Redknapp is giving fans a rare glimpse into his incredible Christmas home, where he’s training after major surgery.

JAMIE Redknapp shared his impressions of his Christmas home.

The 49-year-old former football player was training on the stairs of his huge house and showed a stunning wreath that wraps around the railing.



Jamie Redknapp looked into his very festive abode while he was doing his exercises.1 credit
The star returned to training after knee surgery


The star returned to training after knee surgery1 credit
Jamie lives in his mansion in Surrey with his amazing wife Frieda.


Jamie lives in his mansion in Surrey with his amazing wife Frieda.1 credit

In the background was a very impressive Christmas tree, decorated to perfection.

The star lives in a mansion in Surrey with his stunning wife, Frida Andersson, whom he married last year.

Fans can take a peek inside: the hallway and lobby have wooden floors and paneling, which creates a very cozy atmosphere.

Jamie Redknapp shares photos from hospital bed after knee replacement
Jamie Redknapp shares touching family photos to celebrate baby Rafael's birthday

The football pundit moved into the apartment shortly after divorcing his ex-wife Louise Redknapp in 2017, and he’s already turned it into a family home when his sons Charlie, 16, and Bo, 12, arrive to stay.


The 49-year-old told fans that he is “slowly getting there” as he has been exercising since his recent surgery.

Jamie wrote: “Rehab day. 5 weeks post-knee replacement” as he carefully paced up and down with dumbbells and headphones.


The former footballer-turned-expert has made no bones about knee problems in the past.

Jamie suffered from joint problems during a brilliant club career at clubs such as Liverpool and Tottenham.

This ultimately forced the 17-time England international to retire from playing at the age of 30.

In total, Redknapp has undergone an incredible 12 surgeries on his right knee.


But recently, he felt it was time to finally take the plunge and get a knee replacement.

After greeting son Rafael with wife Frida, 39, last year, he felt it prudent to take action after a lifetime of pain.


Sharing a photo from his hospital bed, Jamie wrote at the time, “So I finally decided to fix my knee and replace it completely.

“When I was only 18 years old, they removed the entire meniscus from the inside of my right knee, thus making it bone on bone and removing the pillow that protects it.

“Since then, it has given me constant problems. While I was playing, I had to visit a physiotherapist around the clock.

“With the help of the incredible Kevin Lidlow, I constantly struggled to keep the swelling and pain under control, but after at least 12 surgeries, I decided to do it.

“At 27, I was lucky enough to meet a wonderful surgeon named Richard Stedman. He managed to give me a few more years of my career before I had to leave the game I love at 30.

“Having a small child also made this decision easier, since I need to be as mobile as possible so that I can chase this nimble little rascal.

“I want to thank you Dr. Sweetnam and your wonderful team for taking such wonderful care of me.

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“As you can see in photo 2, I’m guessing I’ll be running the X-ray machines at the airport with my new titanium knee.

“So this is a fresh start, I’m looking forward to this next chapter.”

In total, Redknapp has undergone an incredible 12 surgeries on his right knee.


In total, Redknapp has undergone an incredible 12 surgeries on his right knee.Credit: Instagram @jamie.redknapp

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