James McAvoy Thinks The X-Men Movies Should Have Focused More On Xavier And Magneto’s Relationship

When X-Men: First Class relaunched the film franchise with younger actors like Jennifer Lawrence, Nicholas Hoult and Lucas Till, James McAvoy found himself in the shoes of one of the most powerful mutants in comics: Charles Xavier. The portrayal of Professor X before the superhero reached full power led to many interesting lines of research in McAvoy’s X-Men films. However, the actor believes that the four parts he has starred in have missed a great opportunity.


“My biggest criticism of what we did over the four films was that after the first film, we didn’t take advantage of the relationship between [Xavier and Michael Fassbender’s Magneto]which really formed the basis of the first film,” McAvoy said in an interview. GQ. “So it was like why did we just throw away this massive weapon?”

Despite McAvoy’s disappointment that he left some pages of Magneto and Professor X unread, the actor fondly remembers his time playing a Marvel character for 20th Century Fox. “It was one of the most positive things I’ve had with the studio,” McAvoy said in the same interview. “I’m really not [see them as just] money concerts. Days of Future Past I think is one of the best films I’ve been in.” rotten tomatoeswith a Fresh rating of 90% and an audience rating of 91%.


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