James Cameron owes us a fight with a giant tulkun whale in Avatar 3

It seemed like Avatar: The Way of Water was up to something big with the tulkuns. First, we are introduced to Payakan, an exiled tulkun who is shunned by others for killing in the past. He then befriends Loak (Britain Dalton), saving his life. The Tulkuns live in a pacifist society, and the Metkaina, who see them as brothers and sisters, follow suit, with both sides collectively shunning anyone who breaks this rule, even if the killing was done in self-defense. Even when hunters go after massive animals, they don’t fight back. Payakan is the only one to break this mold, fighting alongside the Na’vi to destroy the hunters and help save Jake Sully’s (Sam Worthington) family in the end.


With their wealthy society and intelligence, it’s compelling to see the creatures’ way of life being questioned, but it could still go further. Just as the film plays on the themes of change in how Sally and Metkain’s family must adjust to their circumstances, it would make sense to see these themes reflected in the reflection of the Tulkuns studying with Payakan. By forcing yourself to fight alongside the Na’vi, it will show that violence, while it should never be the first resort, is sometimes what it takes to endure. Will this non-violent mindset continue with them until the end of the film series?

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