Jack Champion went through all kinds of training in preparation for the film “Avatar: The Way of the Water”

According to the 18-year-old ‘The Way of Water’ star, director James Cameron and his crew made sure he was in top shape for the ‘Avatar’ sequel — to the point where Jack Champion had to ‘maintain a shirtless physique’ for about two years, he says.


“[Cameron] sent me with a personal trainer – Josh Murillo, who I still work with – who basically helped me transform from a chubby 13-year-old who didn’t really know how to train, into someone leaner, leaner and more good with movement,” said GQ Champion.

“For about two years I had to maintain a shirtless physique,” ​​he recalled. “We needed to develop a plan that would be achievable within two years. I have lifted weights many times with high reps, high intensity interval training, and some boxing and incline walking… We started with basic movements. Before we started lifting heavy weights, we only focused on technique. I had to basically learn how to do everything right, like squats and pull-ups. Then we gradually moved on to weight lifting, cardio, longer cardio with short high-intensity exercises. Intervals and CrossFit.

In addition to getting a proper physique, Champion was also tasked with improving his on-screen physical abilities, which included learning advanced fighting techniques and weapons training.



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