It’s enough for the student to do the whole project for their group who doesn’t care, they are rewarded for teaching a valid lesson.

If you’ve ever done a group project presentation, you know how difficult it can be. You’re lucky if all members put in some effort, but we all know too well that the burden falls on two, if not one, student who genuinely cares.

But sometimes even the best students have enough group projects. Like a Redditor who goes by Grapeicecreamfloat, who A class incident was shared. “Where a group research project/presentation is a large part of the overall points.”


The author wrote: “Everybody knows that in group projects you always have that one slacker who doesn’t do anything that you have to compensate for” and added that, unfortunately, “I’ve never been involved in a project. Stuck with the worst 3 people possible to happen. Classmates.”

As you might suspect, these three reckless students ignored the author who was the only person working on the project and didn’t lift a finger.

So the day of the presentation comes and oh boy, little did they know that the writer they are trusting so much is going to teach them one hell of a lesson.


This student shared how she got a little revenge from the students in her group project when she was the only one who did all the work.


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The author shared more information in response to these comments.

And this was how people reacted to the whole story.

Others shared their experiences with group projects.

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