It May Be A Covid Christmas Again This Year –

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An estimated 55 million Americans will travel during the Thanksgiving holiday. That’s the highest level since the pandemic began and the third highest since AAA began tracking the holiday in 2000.

At the same time, Covid cases continue to rise nationally, with a total of 111,386 in the last 24 hours. According to John Hopkins. This is the highest number of new infections in a single day since August 12. Experts say given the prevalence of home tests, the true number is much higher. This number is also very high in some areas of the country.


Overall, the 7-day average number of new cases nationally increased by 7 percent over the past two weeks. per The New York Times. Test positivity increased by 5% to 8.6% over the same period. But hotspots of infection abound.

According to the Times, Michigan’s 14-day average number of cases has increased by 104 percent, while its test positive rate is 11 percent. Arizona’s average daily cases have jumped 82 percent in the past two weeks. His test positivity sits at a staggering 24%. During the same period, the number of hospitalizations in the state increased by 53%. For perspective, aside from the early days of the pandemic, Arizona’s current positivity rate is much higher than that of once-hard-hit California.

Covid Community Levels (CDC)

Speaking of which, the Golden State’s average daily number of new cases has jumped 48 percent over the past two weeks, while its average test positivity is 6 percent, according to the Times. California’s largest metropolis, home to a quarter of the state’s population, is experiencing rapid growth.

On Wednesday, Los Angeles County health officials reported 3,077 new Covid cases. This is the highest one-day total since mid-August during the summer high tide. The seven-day average daily rate of people testing positive for the virus in L.A. is also trending upward, reaching 9.4 percent as of Wednesday. That’s up from 6.5 percent a week ago, according to the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health. The county is now averaging 1,971 new Covid infections per day over the past week, a 39 percent increase from the previous week.


The number of county residents hospitalized with Covid surpassed 800 today, according to the latest state statistics. That’s up from 666 a week ago, a 23 percent increase in seven days.

These trends don’t bode well for the December holidays.

Hospitalizations are the data point that most health authorities are concerned about, as mortality rates increase when health care facilities are overloaded. While increases in hospitalizations typically lag cases by about two weeks, Los Angeles has already seen a significant increase in Covid-related hospitalizations. With cases still rising, hospitalizations are expected by December.

There are other complicating factors.


The continued spread of flu and respiratory syncytial virus – or RSV – in the county, combined with Covid, presents a triple risk of respiratory illnesses that will further strain health care facilities.

Then there are the holiday gatherings and trips that, by most accounts, will be more “normal” this year — meaning without masks. Couple that with the rapid rise of BQ1 and BQ1.1 variants, which have displaced the long-dominant BA.5 in a matter of weeks and now account for more than half of all new cases in the region, and an increase in infections. May continue. for some time.

Screen Shot 2022 11 24 at 6.02.37 PM

Variable ratios in CA, AZ, NV (CDC).

One last wild card is China.

“China reported a record high number of COVID-19 infections on Thursday, prompting nationwide local lockdowns, mass testing and other restrictions in cities,” Reported Reuters.

Much of the country has been affected by China’s so-called zero-covid policy. Whenever it decides to open up, there will be many people who have never been infected who will be exposed to any new dominant type. This could lead to a wave of infections in the Middle Kingdom and possibly new strains born from such large numbers.


City News Service contributed to this report.

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