Isabelle Huppert Sets Michael Rozek Movie ‘Marianne’ –

special: Oscar-nominated actress Isabelle Huppert leads the way. Marian From Hyde Park International, [email protected] and James Ireland and Alex Pettyfer’s Dark Dreams Entertainment.

Writer and director Michael Ruzek, a former journalist for such publications. Esquire And rolling Stone, says, “Marian is a true event. This is not only Isabelle Huppert’s first one-character project—an absolute tour de force for one of the greatest actresses in film history—but also, in her breakthrough form, a zeitgeist film aimed at the very moment. To achieve is what we all are. Living in.”


The picture, although set in New England, was shot outside of Paris.

Hyde Park

The film was produced by Oscar nominee Philippe Carcassonne.fatherand forthcoming Son), James Ireland and Alex Pettyfer (The Infernal Machineand Ashok Amritraj (99 Holmes, Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance).

The project’s EPs are Magnus Rousing, Morton Linden, Peter Dahlgren and Hyde Park’s Carl Clifton and Priya Amritraj. Amritraj’s Hyde Park International is handling the worldwide rights and targeting a major.
The festival starts in 2023.


“We couldn’t be more excited to be able to work with Isabelle Huppert,” said James Ireland, CEO of production and finance company Dark Dreams Entertainment. Marian For life. Marian From the mind of writer and director Michael Ruzek promises a revolutionary cinematic experience. Isabelle is an incredible talent and it’s an honor to be able to bring that character to the screen.


Carcassonne added: “I believe—and I believe both Isabelle Huppert and I share this feeling—that the present calls for ‘different’ voices: questioning, uncomfortable, potentially Angry voices… voices like Michael Rozek’s, Marian

Huppert received an Oscar nomination and won a Golden Globe for Best Actress in a Feature for her turn in Paul Verhoeven’s film. Ale Which started in Cannes in 2016. The French actress is currently acting. Caravaggio’s Shadow, And the Polish Oscar entry EO, And recently also acted in Focus Features film. Mrs. Harris goes to Paris.. Acted in notable films like Madame Bovary, amateur, piano teacherand an Oscar winner love


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