Ireland Baldwin admitted that it was difficult for her to adapt during pregnancy

Ireland Baldwin speaks very frankly about the difficulties she faced during her pregnancy.

Last month, Ireland27 year old daughter Alec Baldwin and Kim Basingerannounced that she and boyfriend Andre Allen Anjosalso known as CANCERexpecting their first child together.


Wednesday (January 18) Ireland took to social media to talk about her mental health issues during her pregnancy.

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“Vulnerability warning. I am not writing this post for sympathy. I’m only posting this because I personally found a lot of comfort in the unfamiliar corners of social media during this period of my life.” Ireland wrote on Instagram.


“Social media is very toxic and misleading, but I’ve found community at a time when I thought no one understood” Ireland explained. “I share my deepest feelings with the hope that someone will read this and feel less alone. I came across various posts and videos where people were honest as hell about how difficult this journey can be and it helped a lot.”


She continued, “Pregnancy is hard. It requires so much from you. I wasn’t ready for this. I have always wanted a child from the right person. I grew up with a very jaded idea of ​​what love really looks like and I always wanted to have my own child with someone who would treat us right and love us unconditionally. Relationships are tough. Breakups are very hard. Job loss. Loss of a loved one. Get sick. All this is extremely difficult.”

Ireland then spoke in detail about some of the difficulties she faced during her pregnancy.


“But I underestimated how hard pregnancy would be on my mind and body. As someone who faces extreme health anxiety on a daily basis, pregnancy has turned the situation into top gear.” Ireland explained. “I struggled to adjust to these changes. bodily sensations. Pains and pains. Organs are going to shit randomly. I know everyone’s experience is completely different and mine is easier compared to most, but damn it’s a struggle.”

“It’s very hard to push yourself so hard. Forget about the physical aspect… I feel like my brain and thoughts will fight every single day.” Ireland continuation. “Mental war. “Wait ’til baby come here you won’t sleep” bitch I’m awake now SHUT UP. I’m exhausted. I am unmotivated. I feel like life is passing by and my career hasn’t even started yet.”

Ireland also admitted that during pregnancy it is difficult for her to be on social networks.

“It’s hard to come here and see mutual couples dressing up for events, drinking, working on set, going to school. It’s hard to feel alone. I have a boyfriend without whom I think I would go crazy, Ireland wrote. “It’s hard not to be really close to the family because they live far away or idiots that I don’t want to have anything to do with. It’s hard to see other people going through this with their parents around.”


Ireland continued, “It’s even harder to watch some of your friends disappear or no longer know how to treat you. Especially when you were nothing to them but a drinking buddy and a good time. At 27, it’s hard to make new friends. It’s hard to keep the old ones around when they’re so far away. It’s hard when your close friends have their own shit going on and you don’t know when to vent your emotions on them. This shit is hard.”

“When people expect you to be radiant, angelic and in constant bliss” Ireland added. “Sometimes it’s unrealistic. I am a goblin. Bridge troll. Miser. Radiance is my skin care routine. It can’t be vomiting 6 times a day.”


Ireland ended her post with a message to her future daughter.

“And even with all that, none of it reflects how happy I am to be her mom. My career isn’t going anywhere, and if it does, then to hell with it.” Ireland wrote. “The friends that mattered most to you will be there and you will have a place to meet new people. It’s all still worth it, but you can recognize how hard and scary it all can be. You are not alone.”

Along with her message, Ireland captioned the post: “This is HEAVY shit. And you are not alone if you feel the same way. And it’s okay to be REAL and post highlights. It’s okay to be happy and sad at the same time. I’m grateful, but I’m struggling, and that’s perfectly fine. 🫶🏼💕”

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