If the latest Law & Order promo just trolls Bensler fans, there will be blood on the streets

Law & Order: SVU fans aren’t kidding when it comes to Olivia Benson and Elliot Stabler finally getting together this season, with many claiming they’ll actually end the show for good if NBC doesn’t deliver. . on Episode 12 promo subsequent years of similar teasing and running around.


“Please don’t joke with me about this,” a Twitter user exploded. @alexthealto. “It’s been 25 years and Benson and Stabler still haven’t kissed,” they protested, adding, “If it’s not their kisses, I’ll demand a full refund from Dick Wolf.” @frownie56 tweeted, “Best not tease this or I’m resigned to it.” @KarneAsada74said: “If these two don’t kiss… I’m tired of getting my clown shoes out from under the bed every 2 months. Decades of clown behavior for these two!!!” @starlyte_28 wrote: “You better not contact us anymore. You’ve all teased enough… Let them finally succumb to chemistry.”

There have been moments in the current seasons of SVU and Stabler’s spin-off show Organized Crime where Bensler has become closer and closer to becoming a romantic reality. In the “SVU” mid-season finale, Benson drunkenly confessed to Detective Amanda Rollins (Kelly Giddish) that she had and still has feelings for Stabler, talking about how paralyzing it is to sit on her feelings.

Now fans are on pins and needles, waiting for Bensler to finally close his lips and try something else. The show is set to return on Thursday, January 26th.



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