Ice Cube Wants Warner Bros. To Give Him ‘Friday’ Franchise Rights –

Ice Cube is fighting Warner Bros. Friday Franchise rights and they are not willing to pay for the film they make.

In a new interview with Mike Tyson Hot Box podcast, the actor and rapper revealed that Warner Bros. is holding off on continuing the franchise, despite multiple scripts being developed for a new one. Friday Episode


“I don’t know. Warner Bros. is weird right now. I don’t know what they’re doing, they don’t know what they’re doing,” he said. “We’d love to bring it back. I think it’s getting close to a time when we get it back. So, we will either wait for that time, or we will keep trying to convince them that they need us to control the film. It’s my film, but they have distribution control.

Ice Cube wrote the opening three films. Friday in 1995 which he co-wrote with DJ Pooh. The rapper took full writing control over the next two episodes: next friday In 2000 and Next after Friday In 2022 The name of the fourth film is tentative. last Friday.

When Tyson asked Ice Cube if he would buy the rights from Warner Bros. to gain full control of the franchise, the star rejected the idea.

“I’m not giving a sh*t about it. F— no,” he said. “They need to give it to me, and they’re going to make money. I’m not going to pay for my stuff, it’s stupid … They need to do the right thing, let it come to us, let’s turn it into more money. Do it, and make the fans happy … we can do a lot with it.”


Ice Cube said that Warner Bros. has already rejected two scripts for the fourth film. He claimed that executives said “the timing wasn’t right” for the first script, while the second script was stuck in “development hell”. has reached out to Warner Bros. for comment and will update as soon as we hear back.

Check out Ice Cube’s interview in the video posted below.

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