I Wasn’t Shocked By Katie Price’s Drink Drive Shame And Thought ‘Here We Go Again’ Says Ex Kieran Heller

Katie Price’s ex-husband Kieran Heyler has spoken out about his drink-drive accident for the first time.

He told The Sun tonight: “When I saw he had been arrested I thought, oh no, not again”, adding: “It’s always so much drama.”

Kieran, when he was with Katie, thought: 'Oh no, not again'


Kieran, when he was with Katie, thought: ‘Oh no, not again’credit: Rex Features
The reality star flipped her car in a country lane earlier this year


The reality star flipped her car in a country lane earlier this yearcredit: mega agency

Katie, 43 — who shares with Jett, eight, and Bunny, seven, Kierna — was yesterday Sentenced to 16 weeks in suspended prison,

He was also given 100 hours of unpaid community service and a two-year driving ban after he flipped a BMW on a country lane in September.

In an exclusive conversation with The Sun, Kieran34, said that when the drama ‘Here We Go Again’ was the case, drugs and alcohol shocked her.


He said: “I was shocked about drugs and drinking. It’s one of the most serious things you can do on the street, other than kill someone. It’s very serious.”


Kieran has insisted he wants former glamor model katie To step up, change her life and be a great mother to her kids.

He added: “Kate has to understand that what she has done is wrong and that there are consequences for her actions.


“We both have to bring up our kids as parents to learn that they shouldn’t break the law and that if they break the law, it’s the law and there are consequences.”

He added: “I think she’s changing her life and I hope she can, I really do. I’m not here to kill Kate, I just want her to be the best for the kids.” Become a mother

“All Katie can be is the best version of herself when she’s around them.”

In court, District Judge Amanda Kelly told Katie: “Not everyone unlike you has the luxury of putting themselves in a priory clinic when their life gets tough.”


She said Katie’s driving record was “absolutely appalling” and called her actions “incredibly selfish”.

Katie said: “You showed no concern for others when you decided to get behind the wheel that night.


“You could have killed someone. Your actions meant that the emergency services had to waste their precious time.

“You knowingly and knowingly violated a court order and not for the first time. You think you are above the law.”

We both as parents have to bring our children to learn that they should not break the law and if they break the law, it is the law and there are consequences

Kieran Heller

He pleaded guilty to the charges on September 29, a day after crashing his Range Rover on a B2135 near Partridge Green.

This morning Katie issued a raucous apology to fans, saying: “I’m grateful no one was hurt”.

She wrote on Instagram: “I want to thank my family – my kids, my dad, sister, brother, my partner Carl, Leigh and my friends who have supported me over the past few months.

“It’s been a really difficult time and I’m incredibly sorry for my actions. I’m sincerely grateful that no one got hurt.

“I realize that my actions could have harmed not only the other family, but my own family as well.

“I am now spending time getting better. Mental health is a hidden disease and can strike at any time.

“The triggers that cause my anxiety and behavior are something I’m trying to figure out, come to terms with and learn to control moving forward.

“It will be a long process for me and I will continue to work for the rest of my life.

“It’s also something I can work on with my family so that we can move on to a new chapter together.

“Thank you for all the messages of goodwill I have received. I am going to surround myself with my dear family and friends and continue to do things that I love because it brings me joy and helps with my mental health.” .

“Thanks to all of you.”

The reality star arrived in Crowley court yesterday for sentencing


The reality star arrived in Crowley court yesterday for sentencingcredits: PA
Katie and Kieran with their kids Princess and Junior on their 2013 wedding day


Katie and Kieran with their kids Princess and Junior on their 2013 wedding daycredit: Dan Charity – The Sun
The pair share two of their children - Jett and Bunny


The pair share their two children – Jett and Bunnycredit: Instagram
Katie Price escapes prison after being sentenced at Crowley Magistrates’ Court in West Sussex for drink-driving

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