“I swear some people get married thinking it’s a fundraiser”: The bride and groom want guests to pay for the wedding dinner and give their gifts in cash.

Few would argue with the fact that weddings are an absolutely inexhaustible source of content, incredibly beautiful and a little weird, from some stunning wedding photo shoots and romantic memories to the weirdest events where The only thing that comes to one’s mind is “How? Is this even possible?”

In fact, weddings seem to awaken some deep unconscious instincts in people, which compel them to give something brighter and deeper than the ceremony that will be etched in people’s memory. Want to hear some examples? One – “Guestzilla” trying to order a special dish behind the bride’s back! Two – The newlyweds will not allow a guest to bring their boyfriend with them to set him up with an old friend. Three – The entitled relative tells the bride to schedule a destination wedding at a time and place inconvenient for them! And indeed there are many such examples…


is the most recent blogger. @kellikeylimepie‘s video, which has collected more than 850K views and around 19.2K likes on TikTok in just a few days. A video that sparked an incredibly lively discussion in the comments. A video that raised the question among commenters as to what a wedding really is – a happy occasion for a loving couple or a big fundraising opportunity? However, let’s talk about everything in order…

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The author of the video has a wedding invitation that says cash gifts are greatly appreciated.

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So, the author of the video somehow got an invitation to a wedding, probably one of his friends’ wedding. The bride and groom turned out to be wise, noting directly in the invitation that gifts are welcome for the newlyweds, and ideally they would like guests to pay immediately.

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This same feast forces the guests to pay for their own food, which really angers the author.

Of course, many future spouses do, as a new family often needs money to support their lives. And guests don’t always know what the newlyweds want, so people often end up with a completely different gift than they would have liked, or even a completely unnecessary gift. Yes, money is incredibly convenient and in fact it was invented by mankind thousands of years ago for this very purpose. But the most beautiful part of this feast was on the other side.


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It was printed in a beautiful artistic font that the guests should remember – everyone is obliged to pay for their meal. And it was this point that caused the author of the video to be genuinely surprised. “We get it, you blew all your $$$ on the wedding”, she says quite ironically.


In fact, according to various surveys and studies, marriages are extremely expensive these days.

However, the facts unbelievably emphasize that a wedding is an incredibly expensive thing in late 2022, both for the newlyweds and the guests. For example, according to A study by Brides.comThe average cost of a wedding ceremony and party is about $12,000, while the average guest spent about $3,000 per wedding this year, Verified Consumer Expenditure Report Turns out.


The increase in prices has also been confirmed by several experts. “Pre-event prices are up 15 percent, and I don’t see that going away anytime soon,” notes Connecticut-based wedding florist Yumiko Fletcher. In his interview for Carrots and Cake. “So in other words, 2019’s $10K on flowers for 2022 weddings is really $15K.”

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Some countries actually have the entire tradition of having wedding guests pay for themselves.

It is interesting that in some countries the idea that guests have to pay for their own food at a wedding ceremony is very common and traditional. For example, this is done in Israel. “To be honest, I first encountered the concept of ‘must have money’ as a wedding gift here in Israel. At one of the nearly two hundred weddings I’ve performed in Ukraine, Moldova and Ibiza, Spain. I’ve never heard of such a thing either,” says Denis Tsikanowski. Wedding Host from Tel Aviv, Israelwith whom Contacted for comment on this story.

“Here, the so-called ‘manA’ (Hebrew is the word for ‘dish’) – the amount of the check for food and drinks per guest – is a socially accepted thing. When going to a celebration, just have money ready. Do (often also indicated in the wedding invitation) and a specific cash bonus in the piggy bank for the newlyweds. Of course, its size already depends on your personal attitude towards them.

“Some Israelis even include relatives’ wedding visits as a major expense in their family budget for a year. And newlyweds take out special wedding loans. Usually, it’s a There are serious financial flows. Israel is a high-tech country. Therefore, I would not be surprised if special mobile applications are going to appear that will facilitate the transfer of money especially for wedding gifts,” explains Denis Tsikanovsky. Is.

The video sparked a debate in the comments, however, with most people agreeing that it’s pretty weird and inappropriate for guests to pay for themselves.

So it’s not surprising that the newlyweds want to recoup at least a portion of the money spent with the guests’ gifts. But in the comments of the original video, most people are hearing about the fact that the guests pay for their own food for the first time in their entire lives. So, according to some commenters, if you can’t afford to have a wedding and pay for your guests, either don’t invite so many people or just get married with close family.

Most commenters fully understand the desire for newlyweds to receive cash gifts, especially since many people already live together, but paying for their own meals is completely inappropriate for most people. “The gift is paying for your meal”, jokes one of the funniest commentators. Well, people generally prefer to stay at home for free – especially if the bar turns out to be paid…

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And now, in all sincerity, we invite everyone to comment below this post to discuss how acceptable it is for guests to pay for their own meals today. And if you’ve experienced a similar situation in another (or, who knows, your own…) wedding, we’d love to hear your own beautiful story!

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