‘I Hate Suzie’ Creator Lucy Prebble Talks Season Two With Billie Piper –

I hate Suzy too. Co-creator Lucy Prebble has said the second season of her and Billie Piper’s Sky/HBO Max hit will be “funnier and edgier” than series one, while portraying her own anxiety. Reflected on being “ahead of the game”.

The first season of the Bad Wolf/Sky Studios show quickly became a revelation when it landed two years ago, garnering critical acclaim for its no-holds-barred approach to angst, fame and the media circus, while Piper’s Appreciated for his outstanding performance. Child star as dysfunctional adult Suzy Pickles. Preble won a BAFTA for season one and Piper was nominated for supporting actress Laila Farzad.


The second season has been shortened from eight half-hour episodes to three hour-long episodes and centers entirely on Pickles’ decision to participate. come dance hard-esque celebrity dance form Dance Crazy. To rebuild his reputation and make some money.

“It’s more Suzy-centric than ever and it’s funnier and angrier,” Preble told “The look is more traditional but the content is bolder. Overall I think it’s more confident and more driven – it has bright highs and deep lows. It’s an exploration of a woman who has turned her life around. trying to find herself again.

Trend setting


The writer said that he and Piper, who developed “a lot of shorthand for season two,” were “ahead of the game” in creating a show that “focuses on anxiety and when you watch it. So creates anxiety”, which has set a trend ever since. .


“I was fascinated by ‘anxiety’ both as a word and as a diagnosis and how pervasive and contemporary it was. Now it feels like it’s everywhere,” she continued. “Something like that happened when I wrote a play about Enron, which was the only time I’d ever really seen corporate America on stage, but then the financial crisis hit and there was imagery everywhere. I guess That I should be happy before the game but I also want to tell people: ‘It felt real, I swear.’

I hate Suzy too. Preble added, however, that there would be a shift away from the topic of anxiety to focus more on narcissism.


Given the overwhelming success of season one, she said she didn’t feel pressure to write something with similar acclaim for season two, saying: “I don’t usually work on anything. Until I realize that this idea is a killer and that’s my job.”

She added that the real pressure came from her “extremely limited time slot”, as she is working on the highly anticipated fourth season. Succession.

“It’s basically destroyed any other life I’ve had for the last year,” he added.

I hate Suzy too. Launches next week on Sky and HBO Max.


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