“I found my car completely trashed and the side of it destroyed”: Woman gives parents ultimatum after sister’s car crashes.

Most of the time, sibling rivalry is nowhere near what it is on TV. It is usually far more unusual, trivial and emotionally draining. The sad truth is that just because someone is related to you by blood, it doesn’t automatically make them holy: trust and respect still need to be earned. It’s tough. But it is important to recognize this fact.

Redditor u/Spirited_Boat_6380 A sensitive story was shared. With the AITA community, seeking their advice. The woman, who still lives with her parents, told how her older sister stole her car and completely wrecked it. Furious, the author of the post turned to his parents and gave them an ultimatum.


The Redditor’s story went viral almost immediately. You’ll find the full, unbridged version, Pandas, below. Once you read it completely, share your thoughts about the whole drama in the comments. What would you do if you were in OP’s shoes? How would you react if you saw your car totaled?

A woman has opened up about how her older sister stole her keys and completely wrecked her car.

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Furious, he decided the best course of action was an ultimatum. Read on for the full story


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The young woman later updated her post for the AITA community.

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The post’s author shared a bit of context about her sister, who “has a lot of problems,” saying she’s “chronically unemployed and […] A thief.”

After breaking up with her boyfriend, the older sister moved in with her parents. Meanwhile, Chhotabhai, the author of the AITA post, was strongly against the decision. She could feel the anxiety rising. Lo and behold, his intuition proved correct.

One day, after school, she returned home to find her car “completely trashed and partially destroyed.”

“My sister went to my room, got my spare key and took my car. Then one day after eating crap and throwing fast food wrappers everywhere she lost control on the snow. She sideswiped a tree,” redditor u/Spirited_Boat_6380 explained.

Angry beyond belief, the Redditor did what anyone would do: He demanded that his wrecked car be paid for. However, her sister had no money. So the OP gave her parents an ultimatum. Either she files a police report on her sister so she can get insurance to fix or replace the car, or her parents are better off raising the cash themselves. They used their Disney World vacation fund to buy her a new car.

In an update, the OP noted that her parents finally installed a deadbolt on her bedroom door. Something that would have prevented the whole expensive drama in the first place.

Having clear and healthy boundaries in all aspects of your life is absolutely essential. The most obvious areas are school and work and dealing with strangers. It’s usually pretty obvious when someone has stepped over the line, and you can quickly reestablish your boundaries with just a few words or a friendly conversation.

However, things can get messy when it comes to our family members. And emotional. Most people are used to giving their relatives more discounts than their co-workers or friends. And enforcing your own personal boundaries can be difficult because “they’re family!”

But if you don’t, if you don’t make it clear when a loved one does something you find completely inappropriate, you can’t expect them to change their behavior toward you. will Their behavior has consequences; You have to act.

Family dynamics vary greatly, so there is no one-size-fits-all answer to dealing with disagreements. There are usually very subtle nuances and long-standing grudges at play that an outsider might not notice. Family counseling can help. Like a family meeting where everyone can express their thoughts and feelings freely.

Unfortunately, not everyone will want to ‘play ball’. Some family members will be toxic, no matter how much you want to change them, and no matter how much you help them. Change comes from within. And until that moment of clarity comes, it’s best to avoid dealing with them altogether if they’re really making your life miserable.

Just because someone is technically family doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your wealth and happiness to enable their bad habits. Yes, we are all born in one family. But we also choose who will be our family later.

Keep in mind, though, that there is always at least a glimmer of hope for change. Even if you have a big fight with your relatives, you may find that you can build a healthy and positive relationship with them in the future. people change. Although it takes time, effort and a willingness to admit past mistakes.

She also shared a lot of details about what happened and her family in the comments of her post.

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