“I found him in tears, standing in his own mess”: the man refuses to help his pregnant wife clean up the mess, upsetting her so much that she leaves.

recently, One man took it to the AITA community on Reddit. To know the moral judgment about the incident with his pregnant wife.

“The other day, I woke up to Dani crying,” the man wrote, referring to his wife, who, according to him, is having more trouble going up and down the stairs to their only bathroom.


“It usually works out, but this time she couldn’t. So, when I came down, I found her standing in her own mess, crying,” the author recounted, adding that she was “obviously embarrassed”.

Now when the author’s wife asked him to help her in this situation, he was not eager to do so.

A husband wonders at his pregnant wife’s refusal to help him in a critical situation that has left her very upset and embarrassed.


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People reacted in the comments and many told the author that he was at fault here.

After getting a reality check, the author has shared an update on the situation.

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