Husband wants to stay with his widowed mother for Christmas, while wife wants to go to Hawaii, family drama begins

Deciding where to spend the holidays without hurting the feelings of your parents or in-laws (or each other) is one of the dangers of conflict that can turn a winter vacation sour.

That’s what happened to mom and Redditor Liarliker, who took it to the AITA community on Reddit to find out if she was wrong to leave her husband alone for Christmas.


“Every year my family spends our Christmas in Hawaii. We’ve done it every year since I can remember and it’s a fun family tradition for me,” the author explained. A post that received 18.8k upvotes..

However, last year, her husband’s father died and “it hit her and her mother hard. For obvious reasons, we didn’t go to Hawaii.”

This year, after spending Thanksgiving with the husband’s mother, the family was once again packing their bags for Hawaii. But when it was time to go to the airport, the plan fell apart.


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Many people expressed their support for the author in the comments.

However, others thought that the mother was responsible for the whole situation.

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