Human remains found 40 years ago identified as former O’Jays guitarist

Human remains found in a garbage bag nearly 40 years ago have been identified as that of a former member of the R&B band The O’Jays.

Human remains found in a garbage bag nearly 40 years ago have finally been identified as that of a former member of the American R&B band The O’Jays.


The Twinsburg Police Department in Ohio said this week the unidentified remains, discovered in February 1982, had been identified as that of Frank “Frankie” Little Jr.

The death of the guitarist and songwriter was ruled a homicide by Dr. Lisa Koehler of the Summit County Medical Examiner’s Office.

Police said the partial remains in the garbage bag belonged to an African-American male, aged 20 to 35, about 5’6″ (167 cm) tall, and may have had juvenile kyphosis, a curvature of the spine.

According to tmzWhen they found the bag in the back of a business in Twinsburg, they could tell that the man had been stabbed to death several years earlier, but they weren’t able to trace his identity.


Mr Little is believed to have been alive for the last time in the mid-1970s.

“His identity remained a mystery for nearly 40 years,” a police statement said.

“In October 2021, the DNA Doe Project provided the names of potential living relatives, who were able to provide Frank’s name.

“A close relative provided a DNA sample, which was analyzed by the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation Crime Lab.


“Not much is known about his disappearance and death. Our condolences to the family at this difficult time.”

The DNA Doe Project is a non-profit organization that uses genetic genealogy to identify John and Jane Doe.

The band issued a statement CNN Having said that Mr Little was part of the band in the early days and had not heard from them since, but wished his family and friends closure.

“He came with us when we first moved out of Cleveland and traveled to Los Angeles, but he also loved a woman from Cleveland that he missed so much that he soon returned to Cleveland after a short time,” The statement said.


According to the police statement, Mr Little served in the US military for two years, including a deployment to Vietnam during the Vietnam War.

Mr. Little had a daughter who died in 2012, and a son who is yet to be traced or identified.

When Frank played with The O’Jays in the group’s early days, he wrote songs that included beautiful words And oh how you hurt me, TMZ reported.

After his tenure, the group scored their biggest hits including stab in the back, for the love of money And love train,




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