Hugh Jackman escalates Ryan Reynolds ‘feud’ with public Academy call

Hugh Jackman has escalated his ongoing “feud” with nemesis Ryan Reynolds by pleading with the Academy not to consider him for the Oscars.

Reynolds, 46, was recently shortlisted for the 2023 Oscars for Best Original Song. Good afternoon from his Christmas movie vigorousputting him in the race for the coveted nomination.


The news was not well received by Jackman, 52, who despite working with songwriters Benj Pasek and Justin Paul on The Greatest Showmanpleaded with the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences not to recognize the “intolerable” Reynolds on the official list of nominees.

In a nearly two-minute video posted on Twitter, Wolverine Star began his message vaguely by saying, “Hi everyone, it’s 2023 and I really, really wanted to send a positive message at the start of the year, but recent events have made it impossible.”

Jackman added: “Don’t get me wrong, I love vigorous, a great movie. The whole family watched it … I love Will [Ferrell]I love Octavia [Spencer]obviously i did The Greatest Showman with Benj and Justin – they are amazing and I love their music.


“AND Good afternoon, song, I laughed all the way. It’s absolutely brilliant. However, I just heard that the Academy has shortlisted Good afternoon in the category “Best Song”.


“Getting Ryan Reynolds a Best Song nomination would make the next year of my life miserable. I have to spend a year with him on set Wolverine and Deadpool. Believe me. It would be impossible. That would be a problem.”

True to form, Reynolds sarcastically replied with a hilarious response to Jackman’s public appeal.


“I do not agree. I think the deepfakes who sang and danced for Will and me would love to perform at the Oscars,” Reynolds wrote.

This comes after Jackman starred in a recent promotional video. Deadpool 3where Reynolds teased the Australian actor’s return as Wolverine, a character he first took on 22 years ago and retired in 2017 in Logan.

In the September clip, Reynolds says, “I had to dig a lot into it. His first appearance in the MCU should be special.

“We have to stay true to the character. Find new depth, motivation and meaning. Every Deadpool needs to stand out and stand out.


“It was an incredible challenge that made me bend over and climb inside and I have nothing. Yes, it’s just completely empty here, and it’s terrible. But we had one idea.”

At this point, Reynolds pauses before Jackman casually walks past in the background.


Reynolds asks, “Hey Hugh, would you like to play Wolverine again?”

At the time, many thought the move might have been a publicity stunt, but his latest taunt against Reynolds seems to confirm that it could happen after all.

A Twitter war between friends who regularly collaborate with each other on movies and commercials has been brewing online since 2017, much to the excitement of their respective fans.

Highlights include Jackman asking people to urinate on Reynolds’ star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and Reynolds quipping, “Pretty sure they’re protesters,” in response to Jackman’s post posing with fans in Beijing.

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