Huge giveaway to whoever is Wednesday’s killer

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Among the macabre events and equally grim teenagers that Wednesday is locked up with, one of the few “norms” she clings to is Tyler Galpin (Hunter Doohan), a chatty coffee addict who falls for a goth schoolgirl. He’s sweet, caring, and feels like he wouldn’t hurt a fly. With that in mind, he is, of course, hiding a monstrous secret in the form of a seven-foot wild creature that he cannot contain.


This is the perfect profile that matches the masculine and monstrous side that Hyde comes from. On the surface, he’s a nice guy, as is the good doctor whose time with the chem kit created his killer alter ego. The origin of this dark side is slightly different in that Tyler carries this curse through his family heritage, but the rift between human and monster still works. This could also explain why Wednesday doesn’t reveal the creature’s name until the very beginning of its debut show. If you were to face the monster known as Hyde, you would be looking for a model and well-mannered characters, not those with a direct relationship.

Unfortunately, the damage Tyler does leaves its mark, and a potential love interest relies on his terrible nature, even when he’s human. If Wednesday gets a second season, expect the love our h*roine might have to be undeniable, like a frustrated foe returning for revenge. To be honest, high school romances are really nothing but trouble.

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