How will the royal family react to the Harry and Meghan show on Netflix?

So, how is the royal family feeling? Prince Harry as well as Meghan Markle told their version of the story in their papers, Harry and Megan — and this may not please the other members of the Firm.

“Rage. I mean, look again, Harry is talking about – almost as if nothing had happened – about how his brother yelled and yelled at him during this meeting. [with Queen Elizabeth II]. Horror and terrorism, I think this phrase was used, ”said the royal expert. Christopher Andersen exclusively told Us weekly on Thursday, December 15, citing statements by 38-year-old Harry about Prince William as well as King Charles III in the second volume of the Netflix series. “William has an amazing personality. Charles has an amazing personality. There simply will not be a beautiful sight.


In episode 5, the Duke of Suss*x recalled meeting his 40-year-old brother and 74-year-old father at the Queen’s Sandringham home to discuss his and Meghan’s plans to step down as senior members of the royal family, raising tensions between Harry and his family.


“It was terrible when my brother was yelling and yelling at me and my dad was saying things that just weren’t true and my grandma was sitting quietly and sort of taking it all in,” Harry told the cameras. “But you have to understand that – from a family’s point of view – especially from her point of view, there are ways to do things, and her highest mission, purpose and responsibility is the institution.”

After watching the last three episodes, Andersen noted “that’s not all” with the release of Harry’s memoir. Sparein January 2023 The King: The Life of King Charles III The author also wonders if Harry and Meghan, 41, will attend or even be invited to Charles’s upcoming coronation, due in May 2023.


“I think they have a long way to go to really cut all ties with the royal family,” he said. Us. “You wouldn’t blame the royal family, especially the new king, [for] be furious at the destruction this is all causing.”


As the drama continues to heat up, royal expert Jonathan Sakerdoti shared his two cents on how Harry and Meghan’s revelations could be taken across the ocean.

“I think the royal family wants to keep doing what they are doing,” he said. Us on Thursday. “I think maybe they were hoping that when Meghan and Harry leave the UK, it will not only be a relief for them, it will be a relief for the family and they will all be able to do what they want. ”


Sacherdoti continued: “They made the right decision that they didn’t want to be a part of it, but it didn’t happen. It’s the other way around. They keep raking it all up and picking it up again. They seem to have a vendetta against the family and I think the last three episodes have given some justification for why they think it’s okay, [and] why they have this vendetta, but that doesn’t really hide the fact that they have and that they’re doing these constant att*cks.”

Although the royal correspondent admitted that he could not speak for Charles, William, or other high-ranking members, he predicted that they would “try very hard to continue” and “wait for the next grenade to be thrown” at the red-hot back. and forward with the Suss*xes. The Palace has not formally considered claims made in Harry and Megan.

In January 2020, Meghan and Harry announced their decision to step away from royal life to become financially independent. The couple spent some time in Canada before settling in California that same year.

The former military pilot revealed in the series that his desire to protect Suits the alum and son Archie they welcomed in 2019 were the main reason they decided to move to the United States. After a m*scarriage in 2020, Meghan gave birth to her second child, daughter Lilibet, in 2021.


With a report by Christina Garibaldi


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