How Producer Roy Conley’s Experience in Environmental Documentaries Influenced His Work at Strange World

Conley explains that even before he finally switched to environmental documentaries, questions like this were always on his mind. “I have always been very interested in ecology,” explains Conley, “and [in] social responsibility in terms of how we treat our planet.”


He explains that he was “invited to come and help bring Born in China together” after Big Hero 6 – before he started building up his documentary experience. These environmental interests meant that the central role of the environment in the Weird World project interested him from the start. This is the same innate commitment that helped him decide to join the project. “In any case,” he notes, “the ecological orientation [director] Don [Hall]concepts for this project.

“When I came up with it and he told me about it, I was so impressed with where he went in terms of wanting to tell the story of what we are leaving for our next generation,” Conley elaborates. In Weirdworld, this is a trick that immediately resonated.

“Now this is an incredible and important message for the whole world,” Conley notes, “because I believe that we have an obligation to leave this planet in a better state.” This is the spirit that pervades the final part of Weirdworld, and Conley gravitated toward this message precisely because of its potential impact.


“If we all thought like that, we could really help the next generation, and they will help the next generation, and we will continue,” he notes. “It’s definitely something that has always been central to my life,” and that was the key to his involvement with the new Disney project.


Weird World is available in theaters now.


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