How Princess Diana’s ‘The Crown’ Storyline Wasn’t Completely Accurate

Royal Expert Claims Princess Dianas Story Line on The Crown Wasnt Entirely Accurate

This is not a documentary! Princess Diana storyline in season 5 Crown was not entirely accurate, especially when it came to her Panorama Interview Royal Expert Exclusively Reveals Us weekly.

“Look, this is drama. This is fiction, which is partly based on facts, ”the royal expert said. Nick Bullen tells Us the latest episode of the Netflix series, which premiered in November.


True Royalty TV’s editor-in-chief explains that Martin Bashir’s interview, which originally took place with Diana in 1995, was not portrayed as truthfully as possible. Crown.

“Pretty much the whole thing was – of course – sort of an expansion of the label,” Bullen says of the two-episode arc. “I think they didn’t even go far enough in looking at how Bashir got the interview. I mean, they kind of touched on it, you know, it was an incredibly scam that was going on there.”

Elizabeth Debicki and Salim Dau Keith Bernstein/Netflix

Diana made headlines in 1995 after speaking with Bashir on Panorama candid interview. During the conversation, the princess spoke frankly about her relationship with King Charles III after their separation in 1992. (The duo finalized their divorce in 1996, a year before Diana died in a car accident in Paris.) Bashir died in 2009.

In November 2020, Diana’s eldest son, Prince William, came out in support of the BBC’s investigation into Bashir’s questionable tactics during an interview with the late royal. The BBC issued a public apology to Charles, 74, and his two sons, William, 40, and Prince Harryas well as Diana, in July, after discovering that Bashir had been “cheating” Diana throughout Panorama discussion.


While the Netflix series touched on Diana’s desire to win the favor of Queen Elizabeth II again after a disastrous interview, Bullen reveals Us that the late Princess of Wales was much more remorseful than she appeared on camera.

“I think that in the first days after [the interview] she really felt like she had a voice,” he says. “She also believed what Bashir told her that the security services were listening to her and what was going on. I think as more and more clarity became more and more obvious, that was a huge mistake.”

A fan of the royal family notes that Diana eventually “realized she shouldn’t be doing this” and “absolutely” repented of her choice.

“Honestly, what Crown correctly understood the fact that Charles Spencer, her brother, began to have misgivings about Bashir even before the interview and tried to convince Diana that perhaps this is not the right way, ”continues Bullen. “As we all saw on the show, Bashir was recreating bank statements in an attempt to claim that people were being paid by the security services. And if someone shows it to you, you’ll probably believe it, even if you’re no longer paranoid about what’s going on. I think she regretted it.”


The journalist also criticized Crown for Season 5 episodes that “damage the monarchy”, including storylines about Charles in the 90s.

“When Charles hands over Hong Kong, he seems to be taking [Queen Consort Camilla] for a holiday on the royal yacht Britannia. It’s just not true,” says Bullen. “The thought that Diana was dating Mohamed Al Fayed at the Windsor Horse Show. Not true. The idea that Princess Margaret and the Queen are fighting over Peter Townsend is not true.

He concludes: “What Crown very smart in that it takes enough facts to put forward a version of the truth. I think people should watch it with an eye to the fact that it’s a drama based on a true story. But that’s the danger… how far real life events go.”

With a report by Christina Garibaldi


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