How Mark Hamill’s The Last Jedi Performance Influenced Warwick Davis’ Return to Willow

In an interview with Hollywood Reporter, Willow star Warwick Davis was asked what he thinks of his former Star Wars co-stars, who have been revisiting their characters over the years. “The only thing I paid special attention to was the return of Mark Hamill to Luke Skywalker and how he approached it,” he commented. “I thought he was really interesting and it wasn’t quite the expected approach, of course. He approached it from a completely different perspective, and I did the same.” Davis continued by highlighting how he and Hamill have embraced the passage of time as they return to their famous roles. The actor stated that Hamill did not try to play Luke in his youth, which was in line with his character.


In many ways, returning to Willow was similar to how director Rian Johnson chose to focus on Luke’s isolation and regret in The Last Jedi, although Johnson and Hamill disagreed on the characterization. With that in mind, Davis concluded by adding, “In this series, the world we find Willow in is different from the one we last saw him in. he must take it all upon himself. And as an actor, I have to add all that knowledge to the character’s situation and use it to reflect that in my acting.”

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