How Laura Niemi’s Personal History Influenced Her Acceptance of Being a Patient

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Niemi spoke about her decision to accept the role in an interview. Magazine Vents. A big part of why she approached the project was the sheer quality of the script.


“I read a few episodes and immediately realized that this project is unlike anything I have read before,” Niemi described her experience working on the script. “He already had a street reputation as the showrunners for The Americans, but gosh, this story was absolutely breathtaking.”

However, there was an unexpected element to her decision. Niemi’s character in the series is quite musical, and the actress has played in musical bands, so she herself has enough experience in this area. So, aside from the thrills and spills that the story offered, the opportunity to show off your musical abilities in front of the camera was intriguing to the point where she described the project as one of the most rewarding experiences her day job has provided her.

“I also liked that I took my guitar and sang again,” she said. “In my 20s, I played in different bands (mainly playing bass), but I was never asked to show my musical experience as an actor. It was one of the most joyful and challenging experiences I have had as an actor.”


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