How Jesse Lee Soffer Exits NBC Series –

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SPOILER ALERT: The following contains spoilers for tonight’s episode of NBC’s Chicago PD “A Good Man.”

After a successful 9-season+ run, Jesse LeSoffer exits NBC. Chicago PD In tonight’s episode titled “A Good Man.”


The good news is that his character Detective Jay Halstead is not dead and could possibly return in the future. This wouldn’t be the first time a departed and beloved character has returned to the One Chicago fold. Chicago FireKey appearances include Jessie Spencer and Monica Raymond, as well as Yaya DeCosta. Chicago Medrecently.

Chicago PD – “A Good Man” Episode 1003 – Pictured: (lr) Jesse Lee Soffer as Jay Halstead, Tracy Spridakos as Hailey Upton – (Photo by: Lori Allen/NBC)

The episode opens with Haley (Tracy Spiridakos) waking up one morning to realize that her husband, Halstead, has never been home the night before. Halstead has had something going on in his head for some time, but he hasn’t shared it with his partner. He disappears into the night with Wyatt (Jason Begay) for reasons that are still unknown but it causes a change within him that is undeniable. Also, Voight is going through his own struggles after the crazy events of last season in which his CI was shot by Haley’s own hand.

With uncertainty in the air, Haley and Halstead reunite after cleaning up the scene of an active robbery at a local pharmacy. During the call, Halstead meets a good Samaritan named Lenny who helps him clear a danger zone and ends up getting shot while risking his life to save a pregnant bystander. . Lenny is hospitalized as Halstead and Haley are hot on the trail of the criminals.

In a shocking turn of events, Lenny turns out to be part of a crew of robbers trying to score bullets. He begs Halstead not to tell his family what he has done and to let him die with his reputation intact. When Lenny succumbs to his injuries, Halstead fights to protect the man’s reputation—much to Haley’s dismay. Voight’s influence on Halstead is obvious and there is nothing she can do about it.


Taking steps to clean up Lennie’s connection to crime, Halstead bumps into one of Lennie’s criminal partners in a warehouse and a fight ensues. Halstead stabbed her in self-defense just as his wife and Voight arrived at the scene. Haley calls in to the crime scene and creates an alternate sequence of events with Voight to protect a traumatized Halstead. They’re doing it all again, lying to protect themselves and he’s had enough.

The next day sees Halstead try to confess everything to Chief Patrick O’Neill (Michael Gaston) but is unable to. Instead, he transforms into his seed and resigns. He tells Haley that he has changed and has joined the army and will be stationed in Bolivia. He will be running an entire squad of guys tracking down the worst drug cartels.

Haley is heartbroken. “You can’t leave,” she tells him, crying. He promises her that in 8 months he will be back with the love of his life. “You’ll have to let me go,” she cried, too.

At the airport, he is met by Voight who tells Halstead that he could get a job at the department. “If you don’t want to be mine…” the mentor asked his mentor. “It’s worse than that, I do. I want to be you. But it’s like you always told me, I’m not and I shouldn’t try.”


With a faint smile, Halsted heads toward his gate looking toward a new beginning.

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