How Isaac Hempstead Wright got under Christian Nairn’s skin on the set of Game of Thrones

While the age difference didn’t get in the way of their relationship on set, it certainly showed through in their antics. When actors spend many hours a day in the same place with the same people, there is a sense of gags and inside jokes between them. This is what happened to Isaac Hempstead Wright and Christian Nairn, the former of whom did many takes in scenes where his smaller counterpart wasn’t replacing him.


In the same interview with HuffPost, Nairn also talked about one stupid thing his younger co-star did while lying on his back. Apparently, Wright sang, badly and repetitively, the iconic SpongeBob theme song into the older actor’s ear.

“I have a nervous tic when you say that,” Nairn said. “That’s when I have it on my back, man. He just sang in my ear and he can’t sing real sh*t. It’s just repetition, repetition, repetition. Made me crazy, dude. I have it as a trigger switch…yes, I’m lucky.”

While it drove the Northern Irish actor crazy, such shenanigans certainly serve as testament to the playful camaraderie that bonded the two Game of Thrones actors.



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