How incredibly similar some pets and their owners are, 142 photos

It is common knowledge – a scientific fact, if you will – that every pet resembles its owner. And I’m not just talking in character, but in form as well. No one knows how it happens, but life shows time and time again that even if your new friend doesn’t look like you when you first bring them home, you’ll soon grow apart.

Whether it’s dogs who look like their owners or people who look like their dogs, it’s always fun to find similarities. But it’s not just dogs and cats that suffer from this strange phenomenon. As a proud pet owner, I can tell you this is true for practically any animal you live with. My guinea pig and I both have ginger hair. We are also both addicted to candy, although in his case the role of candy is played by cucumber peels.


If you were looking for a final reason to get yourself a new family member, know that among the other benefits of owning a pet, there’s also the fact that your resemblance to them makes for a lot of fun photos. Is.

For this article, we’ve collected pictures of pets that look just like their owners to add a little good mood to your day. If you have more photos of funny animals with their owners, share them with us in the comments.


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