How everyone in the family inspired the Family Guy theme song

Seth MacFarlane has always paid tribute to his influences and inspirations in his projects. As for Family Guy, McFarlane revealed how The Simpsons was part of the inspiration for the gritty animated sitcom. There are clear differences between the two sitcoms, such as McFarlane’s use of cutouts and the full display of his unique musical taste. The show’s DNA is filled to the brim with references to MacFarlane’s favorite visual and musical motifs, so it’s no surprise that one of the show’s most iconic parts, its opening theme, is a nod to the hit series.


The Family Guy commentary track reveals that the animated sitcom’s iconic intro is influenced by Norman Lear’s All in the Family (via E! News). At the beginning of the ’70s CBS sitcom, the characters Carol O’Connor and Jean Stapleton are sitting at the piano. sings the theme “All in the Family”. The intro to Family Guy begins similarly, with Lois (voiced by Alex Borstein) singing about the dangers of modern television at the piano, and shortly after, Peter (voiced by MacFarlane) joins him.

The Family Guy creator has never shied away from sharing the love he has for All in the Family. Writing for Vanity Fair in 2014, McFarlane raved about Lear’s sitcom, calling it “arguably the greatest scripted program in television history”. With such high praise for the series, it’s no surprise that McFarlane chose to pay homage to the series in the Family Guy opening sequence. McFarlane has mentioned “All in the Family” several times, most notably during the show’s iconic clippings (via YouTube).


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