How did the Black Clover character get the nickname Jolly Berserker?

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During Q&A session with Quanchredible, Black Clover creator Yuki Tabata shed light on Lac Voltia’s nickname “Jolly Berserker”. According to him, this is due to the fact that Luck performed in the entrance exam to Magic Knights, where he nearly killed someone during a combat test. This answers the “berserker” part of the nickname, but where did the “fun” part come from? Well, one of Lucky’s defining traits is that he almost constantly smiles no matter what scenario he finds himself in. So it goes without saying that when he defeated his opponent within an inch of their lives, he had a smile on his face.


Despite his frankly frightening abilities and overly happy demeanor, Luck has gained popularity among Black Clover fans. In fact, a Reddit user u/Fennekin12062022 conducted a survey in which fans of the series were asked what they thought of Luck, and the results were clearly skewed in one direction. Of the approximately 2,000 votes received, only 15 think it’s terrible, 32 think it’s bad, and 509 have doubts. Somewhere around 2,500 people think he’s good, and 258 would say he’s their favorite character. The comments section under the poll also leans in favor of luck.

Luck Voltia, also known as “The Merry Berserker,” is a popular but imperfect character that impressed most Black Clover fans. Whether this impression is positive or negative clearly varies from person to person, although most appreciate it for one reason or another.

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