How Daphne really felt about this suspicious Cameron-Harper moment in Season 2 of The White Lotus

In a new interview with Diversity, actress Megan Fahey revealed what she thinks really happened on this small island during the season finale from the point of view of her character Daphne. It would seem that the calm housewife is no stranger to betrayal, and once Harper hinted that Cameron is not the father of their children. So, according to Fahey, Daphne and Ethan did more than enjoy the sea breeze during their secret date. “I definitely think something happened,” she said. “I don’t know what exactly happened, but I know it was something.”


Fahey explained that Daphne probably felt betrayed at this point by Harper, to whom, just a few days earlier, she had confessed how difficult it was for her to keep friends in her life. But of course, as Daphne tells Harper at that moment and Ethan at the end, you do your best not to feel like a victim of life. Fahey said, “I really think it was part of the experience, but yeah, I don’t know if I can tell exactly what happened, but I definitely think something s*xual is for sure.”

In the end, both couples leave Italy in love, prompting viewers to wonder if a love built on lies is worth keeping, and if those lies will remain buried in the Sicilian sands.


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