How Brian Tee & Yaya DaCosta Exit NBC Drama Series –

Spoiler alert: The following reveals major plot points from tonight’s episode of NBC’s Chicago Med. Titled “This Could Be the Beginning of Something New.”

NBC’s fall finale tonight Chicago Med It’s bittersweet, as viewers will once again say goodbye to April S*xton (Yaya DeCosta), this time with her husband Dr. Ethan Choi (Brian T) as they embark on a new adventure.


But before any of that can happen, Ethan has a heart-to-heart with Sharon Goodwin (S. Epatha Merkerson) about his future. She was a little surprised by the news that the happy couple would start a mobile clinic that would benefit underprivileged communities, but she was totally supportive.

“Do you want to put my ED out of business?” Goodwin teases Choi. He replied, “I will certainly try.” “Good for you,” she adds with a warm smile.

(l-r) Jesse Schramm as Hannah Asher, Oliver Platt as Daniel Charles, S. Aptha Merkerson as Sharon Goodwin.

But before these crazy kids walked down the aisle, there were some dramatic moments at hand. April’s dad arrives at the ER with begging chest pains and is in no mood for people to fuss over him. It’s a good thing April dragged him to the hospital when he did because he has a long-term condition that requires care. The good news is that he can undergo surgery after marriage and the prognosis is good.


As One Chicago likes to do, this momentous occasion finally arrives at the end of the episode. But who are we kidding? Ethan and April fans have been waiting for multiple seasons to witness this romantic event and it was worth the wait.


lazyload fallback

Yaya DaCosta as April S*xton, Brian Tee as Ethan Choi

The bride and groom looked stunning as they exchanged vows in front of their loved ones before sealing it with a kiss. Instead of leaving their ceremony in a limo, they enter their mobile medical van as everyone throws rice at them—they set off to change the world together and on their own terms.

It is worth noting that Dr. Hannah Asher (Jess Schramm) holds the bride’s bouquet. Could this hint at a future for her and Will Halstead (Nick Gelfuss) or maybe someone new? Dr. Archer (Steven Webber) Maybe?


While this will be a happy ending for Ethan and April, there will be some changes in Gaffney’s management and it is unknown if they will be for the better.

In the final beats of the episode, Peter Kalmic (Mark Grappi) tells Goodwin Jack Deaton (Sasha Ruiz) that Gaffney has purchased a controlling interest in Medical Group. As for how this will change things around the hospital, fans will have to wait and see until the new year.

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