‘House of the Dragon’ star Nanna Blondell was worried audiences would hate her character

Earlier, in Episode 6, Laena Velaryon informs Damon (and the audience) that she doesn’t want to succumb to the Lord’s death, but instead wants to die the way she lived – as a dragonrider. Laena’s death by dragon fire fulfills her promise, although actress Nanna Blondell worried that Laena’s decision would turn House of the Dragon fans against her character.


“I remember when I first read [the script]I thought, “Oh my God, she’s sure the baby is really dead,” Blondell explained.[It’s] go crazy to burn yourself.” Sarah Hess, who wrote the script for the episode, assured the actor that Laena’s decision was more understandable given what viewers had already seen in the first episode with the death of Emma Arryn (Shian Brooke). When King Viserys (Paddy Considine) has the same choice as his brother Damon, Viserys decides to sacrifice his wife in an attempt to save the child, but Emma and their child die.

“Because we don’t see much of her character, I think they really wanted to give her an explosive end,” Blondell continued. “But I have to admit that at first I thought, ‘This is crazy, [viewers] will hate her.”


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