Hollywood Hypnotist Dr. Dante Campside Media’s ‘Chameleon’ Podcast –

EXCLUSIVE: Dr. Ronald Dent, a hypnotist and scam artist who was Lana Turner’s seventh and last husband, will be the subject of the next Chameleon podcast.

Campus Media, behind the anthology series starting with the story of a Hollywood con queen, is launching. Dr. Dent On January 9


It will tell the story of Dante being a highly talented hypnotist, not an actual doctor, whose mind-bending schemes span decades. Dante worked in the smoky nightclubs of 1960s Hollywood and rode the self-help craze of the 1980s and ’90s, hypnotizing women with their fortunes, targeting rivals and history. opened one of the biggest fake universities of

He was convicted of several crimes, including mail fraud, and died in 2013.

Sam Mullins, journalist and comedian who hosted. Chameleon: Wild Boy, Tracks Dante through yacht clubs, prison cells, trailer parks and theme parks to uncover the incredible true story of the greatest man you’ve never heard of.


This is the fifth episode of the long-running anthology podcast series.

Advertisements broke the news that the sixth chapter will be the story of Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s wild kidnapping attempt with reporting by Ken Bensinger and Jessica Garrison.

The first season of Chameleon The story of a Hollywood con queen told. the second, The high roller, tells the story of a check-cutting informant, an FBI undercover agent, and a group of Las Vegas businessmen who all pretend to be money launderers. third, Wild Boys, explores the story of two half-starved teenagers who come to a small Canadian town to tell an incredible story. It was the fourth Potential for scams.


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