Hitman Hola claims he posted s*x tape with girlfriend Cinnamon on Instagram for ‘close friends’ before it was ‘leaked’.

Hitman Hola cleaned up the drama surrounding his s*x tape with girlfriend Cinnamon, claiming that he shared the video with “close friends” before it was “leaked”.

The rapper took to his Instagram Stories to explain what happened to his followers.


Hitman Hola reveals how a sex tape 'leaked' between him and his girlfriend


Hitman Hola reveals how a s*x tape ‘leaked’ between him and his girlfriendcredit: getty

He claimed that 'somebody screen recorded the tape'


He claimed that ‘somebody screen recorded the tape’credit: _cincincini_/instagram

The 33-year-old wrote: “N****s caught me slipping once, ok, so what?

“Ima just clarify one thing.. Cinnamon in my close friends.. She knew that every woman I have (30 of them) is that green light I post anything like let’s not act dumb..

“Someone screen-recorded my close friends on November 5th (our anniversary), the day I posted the video to them..

“not tripping i knew the risk.. ppl wasn’t solid it’s all good..


“What works for me and Cinnamon’s relationship may not work for all of you and that’s okay, but I don’t care what you do with my business fellow nuns, but understand that Ima enjoy the whole day”

He later shared the post Twitter, captioning the message: “I will never disrespect my girl and post something she didn’t agree to or didn’t like, what does that mean..

The statement came after a friend created an uproar on the internet after a video of the couple’s intimate relationship was leaked after it was tape-recorded.

home invasion

This event occurred after the inclusion of cinnamon Horrible House Demolition And was shot in the face back in October.


The influential and enterprising couple were at home FaceTiming with the Wild ‘n Out’ star when four burglars broke into the house on October 12, 2021.

In an Instagram post, the rapper revealed that his girlfriend was out of town when he was shot.

Hitman said Cinnamon was taken to the hospital after being shot in the back of his cheek and head.

In an Instagram post, hitman, whose real name is Gerald Fulton Jr., wrote: “Imagine being on Facetime or while a girl is out of town telling you it’s 1 a.m. ppl in the house so she needs to be 1000 miles away. Yes, give coaching on this.

“He showed courage and dropped shots while defending his home.


“I’m proud of how she was so brave… I can’t stop crying man please send positive energy our way, I need it you really need it I’ve never felt pain like this This was a message to my fans family and friends please help us one more time.”

words of cinnamon

Cinnamon posted on Instagram on October 12, 2021: “It’s going to be a long journey but I’m up for it.

“I really appreciate all of you guys so much. I can never thank you enough. I never knew I was so strong until now!”

“Thank you for my amazing support system because I honestly don’t know what to do in times like these.

“I’ve never been so scared in my life man, but I was covered in the blood of Jesus!”




credit: Twitter/Hitman Hola

His girlfriend Cinnamon was previously involved in a horrific break-in where he was shot in the face


His girlfriend Cinnamon was previously involved in a horrific break-in where he was shot in the facecredit: Instagram/Cinnamon

The home invasion took place at the couple's home while the rapper was away


The home invasion took place at the couple’s home while the rapper was awaycredit: getty
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