Here are the funniest TikTok videos of Taye Diggs

You know the gridded chart that tells if someone has “chaotic evil,” “legitimate neutral,” and so on? Taye DiggsThe TikTok account of would fall solidly into the “chaotic good” section. The 50-year-old actor just joined the app this week and is already serving up heaps of wild content, making me wonder where on earth his manager is. perfect for dad formTaye apparently hasn’t figured out how to add audio to her clips yet, so she’s filling the dead air with sound effects of her own in the meantime — and I really hope it stays that way. , TBH.

Ever since taye made tiktok and Started cross-posting videos on TwitterHis number of followers has grown within minutes, breaking the 260,000 limit and crossing 1 million views on half his comic creations. So far, he has shot selfie-style clips while driving, a clip of . on the set of all American, and while dancing at home — free of all editing, transitions, or special effects — and I think that’s only the beginning. To join Taye’s TikTok journey, check out the weirdest videos he’s shared so far, and make sure His page @tiktoktaye . but slam that “follow” button,



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