Here are the 25 best photos, as chosen by Photo Magazine Awards 2022: Streets

We are happy to announce the names of 25 talented photographers who won “AAP Magazine #28: Streets”, they come from 14 different countries and 4 continents!

“The wonders of everyday life are exciting,” wrote Robert Duisneau. No film director can arrange the unexpected you find on the street.”


And we were not disappointed with all the wonderful photos we received!

The winner of AAP magazine 28 Streets is Olga Karlovac (Croatia) with her series “Escape”, the second place winner is Argus Paul Estabrook (United States) with her series “Fare Adjustment” and the third place winner is Anna Brett (France). Is. Pictured with “Electric Grill”. The top 3 winners will be awarded $1,000.

All winners’ work will be featured in the All About Photo Winners Gallery, and will be published in the print issue of AAP Magazine #28 Streets.


More information:


#1 Rainman by Olga Karlovac

The final chapter in a trilogy of books published in Escape, ‘Rainman’ is a visual journey through the streets of Zagreb and a personal history of life before and during the lockdown. Blurring the lines between reality and poetic interpretation, and working exclusively in black and white, Olga Karlovac’s photography takes on a dreamlike quality. Her abstract paintings invite the viewer to linger, exploring time as she takes us through winding streets, barely recognizing the familiar. “

Other winners featured in the Merit Award gallery are: Vincent Suez (France/USA), Hans Severin (Germany), Elena Phillips (Spain), Antonio Denti (Italy), Palin Gowan (China), Carol Foote (Australia), Luning Cao (China), Elmira Sturky (Ukraine), Orna Naver (Israel), Henk Kosche (Germany), Joseph Philippe Beulard (Ireland), Margot MacArthur (USA), Carl Young (USA), Lukasz Korolczyk (Poland). Dominik Schulze (Germany), Massimo Giordano (Italy), Daniel Dorko (Hungary), Julian Schoener (Germany), Lisa Botkin (United States), Rodrigo Paredes (Argentina), Eric Davidoff (USA) and Jon Wollenhaupt (USA) ) states).


#2 Electric Girl by Anna Brett

14/06/2022 Armenia “Before the coming storm suddenly there was a very strong wind, various elements started flying in the air on the streets, people were looking for shelter so that nothing would fall on them, me too.. suddenly I saw this woman who gave the impression that she was in a completely different, peaceful environment, a stark contrast to the situation where people are fleeing and seeking shelter. Exactly what I wanted to photograph. A priority I had everything. I’m interested in general scenes, details, light, colors, shapes and above all people inspire me. I like to be very close to them, I respect everyone, I don’t att*ck them. I want, and I carefully adapt to the current situation to get their natural impressions, my presence is accepted because I don’t know. I picture people’s everyday environment, and natural behavior. Loves to decompress, take candid street photos, and simplify. Bringing some mystery and order out of life’s chaos w a sense of beauty, capturing the moments that make every moment of life beautiful. They make When I take pictures, I feel like something magical is happening to me and the world around me. I can’t explain it.. it seems like it needs to be created.. I’m inspired by the spontaneous encounters that can only happen on the road.

3rd Place Winner ANNA BIRET ELECTRIC GIRL 6399810b7bbc2 700

#3 I Only Want You by Dominique Schulz

“Carried by train between Hamburg and Dresden.”

DOMINIK SCHULZE All I want is you 6399813ac2c02 700


AAP Magazine 28 is our fourth competition covering the theme of street photography. As always, the caliber of submitted photos was really high but different from what we shared from the previous edition. That this time there were fewer comic shots and more poetry.

#4 joint position from the series ‘Surfer’s Paradise Street Life’ by Carol Foote

Carol Foote Juxtaposition 63998133e37f7 700


#5 Underground Alienation by Julian Schoener

“I saw this thin woman who looked unreal and disappeared underground in a minute. That’s the image she left behind.”

JULIEN SCHOENER Underground Alienation press 6399815c4200f 700

For this 28th edition of AAP magazine, we delved into the heart and soul of a society and its people. Whether photographed in the countryside, or in an urban setting, the images we’ve selected reflect the diversity of the photographer’s background and approach to street photography. The twenty-five selected photographers have many talents, an eye for detail, lighting and composition. Thanks to his ability to perceive decisive moments, he allowed us to become spectators of his wanderings, curious observers of people’s behavior.

Choosing the winners was definitely not an easy task, there were so many incredible one-shots from around the world, but in the end, we hope you all enjoy this collection of weird stolen moments.

#6 The American Dream by Rodrigo Paredes

RODRIGO PAREDES Vega A8596 6399817f4f50b 700

#7 Color Your Life by Massimo Giordano

Cesena, Italy 2022

25 Powerful Street Photos in AAP Magazine 28 6399aeb3aa417 700

We chose ‘Rainman’ by Olga Karlovac from Croatia for the cover of AAP Magazine 28, for her poetic vision of the subject. His overall presentation, which will be published in its entirety in the magazine, is inspired by Abstract Expressionists and plays with shadow and light. In this project called ‘Escape’, we can feel the rain, the desire of passers-by to run back home or seek shelter. These moments are seemingly captured in slow motion, both abstract and painterly.

#8 Charity Lunch Without Worry for Ukrainian Older Men Series ‘Helping the Needy’ by Elmira Sturky

“There are many elderly people in Ukraine who need help. First of all, it is about general nutrition. Charitable foundations have built small houses on the streets of Kyiv, where hot food is distributed free of charge. Even standing in line for hours. Delicious lunch season. The atmosphere is positive and friendly.”


#9 Untitled Hans Severin

HANS SEVERIN Untitled 6399814b2c171 700

John Maloof wrote “A good street photographer must possess many skills: detail, lighting and composition, impeccable timing, a populist or philanthropic approach and constantly shooting, shooting, shooting and sometimes a moment. A relentless ability to not lose.”

But in the end, depending on the photographer’s sensibility and the environment they work in, street shots can vary greatly from country to country and even from street to street. Street photography is “a genre that records everyday life in public space.” (Encyclopedia Britannica) The possibilities are endless which makes it so exciting.

#10 Batman Quits from the ‘West Coast Road Trip’ series by Hank Kosche.

“Las Vegas is a place of fun and entertainment. The cityscape is deeply artificial, interspersed with replicas of real or fictional places and populated with major characters from American and Hollywood history or pop culture. With a lot of luck, we can watch Batman when he’s off duty.”

HENK KOSCHE batman gets off work Kopie 6399814ec241c 700

#11 On Broadway, Manhattan by Vincent Swayze

On Broadway, Manhattan. October 2021

Vincent Soyez On Broadway Manhattan 639981854fd76 700

#12 Under London Bridge (On the Passionate Life of Nations) Antonio Dante.

“As seen in the streets of London in the days following the d*ath of Queen Elizabeth II. As the ancient ritual seemed to work perfectly to assure the world that they knew she had suffered trauma. is, in their eyes—almost like peeping. From one’s window, one could see the irresistible winds of change shake.”

ANTONIO DENTI London Bridge Is Down 6399812b78ffa 700

#13 Primary from the series ‘Candied Street Moments’ by Eric Davido

“A candid street photo taken at Chrissy Field, San Francisco California.”

Eric Davidove Primary 63998147ba422 700

#14 Running Foal, Dublin, Ireland 2022 Series ‘Mincéirs’ by Joseph-Philippe Beauvilard

“A calf runs wild at a halting place in Dublin. Irish Travelers have horses as a nomadic custom, but overdevelopment by the Irish government has prevented them from finding grass land for their animals. There is a problem.”

Joseph Philippe BEVILLARD running foal 3000px 300dpi 639981578ead0 700

#15 Artist, North Beach Series ‘Tale of a City: Sub Francisco’ by Jon Wollenhaupt

“Artist standing in front of City Lights books in San Francisco’s North Beach neighborhood. This image is part of the series Tales of a City: San Francisco.”

Jon Wollenhaupt Artist North Beach 63998153a8e78 700

#16 Warehouse District Fire by Carl Young

“Two firefighters battle an early morning blaze in downtown Los Angeles.”

Carl Young Warehouse District Fire 6399812f6d9aa 700

#17 Dual By Luning Cao

“Shot in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, China.”

Luning Cao Dual 6399816e61f5c 700

#18 Grounded by Elena Phillips

Elena Alexandra Feet 3000 639981405b0ae 700

#19 Tokyo Metro Ticket Booth by Argus Paul Estabrook

“Shot in Tokyo, ‘Fair Adjustment’ captures various aspects of its urban environment to convey a state of mind beyond the city itself. Meanwhile, I have been mentally challenged by this extraordinary personal turmoil. But traveled to Japan to escape what was affecting my life. My father’s d*ath and my wife’s infidelity. These two events devastated me and left me struggling with the idea of ​​a safe place to call home. forced to. There was a desperate need for a place where I could forget myself or disappear. To try. To overcome this emotional landscape, I found myself stalking the streets of Tokyo in the same way. The way my broken heart felt. This street photography series is a poetic expression of the struggle of being lost and finding yourself again.”

2nd Place Winner Argus Paul Estabrook Tokyo Metro Ticket Booth 6399810682de2 700

#20 Summertime melancholy series ‘Inspired by the Sun’ by Lukasz Korulczyk

UKASZ KORULCZYK Summertime sadness 63998167ee1cf 700

#21 Beijing Swimmer by Palin Govan

Pelin Guven Beijing Swimmers 6399817ad9137 700

#22 Salon by Margo Macarthur

Margo MacArthur Saloon 6399817276a93 700

#23 Schmitz from the series ‘Moment’ by Lisa Botkin

Liza Botkin Schmutz 639981610495f 700

#24 Kaproot by Orna Noor

Orna Naor Kapparot 6399817656c7e 700

#25 Stray Photo #33. Daniel Dorko

DANIEL DORKO Stray Pictures No33 639981373874d 700

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