Here are AI-generated images of famous movie characters in a different light, as shared on this Reddit community (41 images)

Midjourney is an independent research lab that develops a proprietary artificial intelligence program. It uses text descriptions to create breath-taking images in just seconds. AI combined with art may seem counterintuitive to some artists, yet a large portion of the internet is eager to test the waters of this technology while creating ‘artwork’ like never before.

Have you ever wondered what famous movie characters look like as hipsters? Maybe as children? Even as a samurai? We have good news!


In r/mid Journey on Reddit, users shared their imaginations working with famous characters from movies, such as: Harry Potter, Avengers and Star Wars, to achieve these results.

More information: The middle journey | Hipster Avengers | Harry Potter School of Samurai Saga | Star Wars, except everyone is a kid.


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