Henry Selick drew inspiration from his sons for Wendell & Wild

Director Henry Selick may have made the main demons in Wendell & Wylde look like the voice actors of Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele, but his own children served as the starting point for the eccentric characters. In an interview with AV Club at the Savannah SCAD Film Festival, Selick explains, “The original story was my 20-year-old story. She was inspired by my grown sons. When they were small and misbehaving, I drew them as demons. I wrote a story on seven pages. , and the movie that grew out of it with Jordan’s huge input [Peele] still based on it.”


In another interview on Adam Savage Trial, Selik dived even deeper into a pivotal moment with his sons, who inspired him. “I remember getting a brand new guitar… a brand new Martin guitar in a case and it’s sitting in the living room,” Selick says. “And I started hearing this ‘tum-tum-tum’ and I go out and two-year-old George jumps from the fireplace to the top again and again because it makes a nice sound.” Luckily, the guitar didn’t break, but instead helped spark Celic’s bold imagination, giving us the gem of stop-motion animation that we have today.

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