Hellraiser’s Ending Explained by Hulu

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As Hellraiser continues, we’re getting more and more information about Voight and his years-long quest to reach the furthest corners of the human experience, which included turning his mansion not just into a museum, but into an elaborate puzzle box of sorts. myself. It’s a house filled with secret rooms, artifacts, and automated features, including an elaborate metal cage that descends throughout the structure with the flick of a few switches. It is eventually revealed that the cage was designed by Voight specifically to hold the Cenobites in place, allowing him to demand that they remove his “liminal” gift and free him from a life of constant pain.


Of course, the outside world doesn’t know this, or at least doesn’t know yet. Will Riley tell anyone or will various authorities eventually become interested, someone will sneak into Voight’s mansion again at some point and they’ll find a horror room that likely includes the puzzle box still on the wall . the floor where Riley decided to leave it. What this means for the future of the box is unclear, but it’s likely that someone somewhere knows exactly what it is and what to do with it. If we’ve learned anything from the Hellraiser movies, it’s that these kinds of hidden places never stay hidden for long because the human pursuit of desires never stops.

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