Helen Flanagan opens up about being trolled after revealing secret breast work

HELEN Flanagan has opened up about being trolled after revealing her secret breast work.

The 32-year-old former Coronation Street actress, who split from her fiancé Scott Sinclair last year, admitted she recently went under the knife to feel more confident.



Helen Flanagan reveals she was ‘nervous’ about sharing her breasts due to ‘ill will’1 credit
Helen went under the knife to gain confidence


Helen went under the knife to gain confidence1 credit

Helenwho is currently on her third day of recovery, explained to her million followers on Instagram that breastfeeding her three children has changed the look of her breasts.

The mom-of-three decided to cheer up to boost her confidence, but wanted to make it clear she “loved” her breastfeeding journeys.

The star of the series was unfortunately reluctant to share due to negative comments in the past.


Helen said: “I love sharing my life here, I love being as honest as possible, I was nervous because people can be unkind.


“I am very much for you to know by supporting other women in the choices they decide to make and by supporting other women.

“I’m passionate about breastfeeding, I don’t regret breastfeeding at all.


“I will always do it again and I love it.

“I just wanted to be honest about my experience because other women might understand me.”

Helen has three children, Matilda, seven, Delilah, four, and Charlie, 18, with ex-fiancé Scott Sinclair.

The series star underwent surgery at Manchester’s Pall Mall Clinic after transitioning from E-Cup to B-Cup over the years.


She explained, “It’s just something I did for myself, I really wanted to do it for my confidence.

“I was very nervous about sharing this. Obviously, I am very much for confidence in my body and very much for supporting other women, but I support women in all the decisions they decide to make.


“I think if something really bothers you, then, you know, it’s good to do something about it.”

She added, “There’s no better way to say it, but they just got saggy.

“It just affected my confidence.”

It came just days after Helen burst into tears after talking about breastfeeding.

When asked if she was still breastfeeding her one-year-old son, Helen responded with a close-up selfie with her tear-stained face.

She then wrote: “No, I finished feeding Charlie at 14 months. It’s so emotional when you stop breastfeeding, I think it’s because Charlie is most likely my last child.

“It took a good two months to get rid of Charlie’s breasts and I had to help with that. I finished breastfeeding during our summer holidays in Dubai, but I had a fun trip planned without the kids and needed Charlie to breastfeed for so I looked at the positives.”

Helen pictured in 2012 before her participation in I'm a Celebrity.


Helen pictured in 2012 before her participation in I’m a Celebrity.Credit: Splash News
Helen loved sharing her breastfeeding journey online


Helen loved sharing her breastfeeding journey online1 credit
The star admitted that her breasts have changed over the years


The star admitted that her breasts have changed over the years1 credit
Helen with ex Scott and their daughters Matilda and Delilah


Helen with ex Scott and their daughters Matilda and DelilahPhoto: Instagram Helen Flanagan

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