“He locked himself in my office and started doing my work”: wife supports sick husband by pretending to be at work

The purpose of marriage is companionship, mutual support and comfort. Ideally your spouse should be your best friend who always supports you or tells you the truth when you are doing wrong. They will be with you and cheer you on when you succeed and help you out of the trash.

A great example of a married couple being together is a story posted by Reddit user Bip Bip BopBop in the True of My Chest subreddit. Turns out, he fell ill during a critical period of work. His wife, who is in a similar field, took the initiative and filled in for her husband so that her work team would not suffer and her husband could rest.


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Supportiveness is what marriage is all about and this couple understands that helping each other in their work.

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The original poster (OP) and his wife are both software engineers and the only difference is that the man is a full-stack developer while the woman is a front-end developer. Although their characteristics are different, the OP’s wife knows almost everything that her husband does.


It will actually help him when he is dealing with long lines of code that are difficult to debug. The husband will return the favor whenever he wants. Such collaboration is possible because they both work from home.

However, once, the wife stepped into the big time. At the time of writing the story, the OP was sick with a bad cold and didn’t really want to take a day off because his team was being pressured to finish their project as quickly as possible, so he wanted to stay in. was for them.


When he told his wife about it, the man did not expect anything but the woman ordered her husband to get well soon and he would take over the project. Her work is not so demanding and time-bound, so the woman had more free time, and this time, she decided to use it to pick one for the team.

The author of the story, the husband, is a full-stack developer and his wife is a front-end developer so they are both software engineers.

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The OP’s wife locked herself in the office and worked on a project her husband had to do. He also lied about the person he lost his voice to in order to avoid talking on the voice call, which did not raise suspicion for anyone.

The husband is now resting to heal his body and plans to do the same for his wife if the need ever arises, as he was very grateful to have someone do such a thing for him. Do it.


In the comments, the husband added that he discussed the situation further with his wife and they both agreed that this could not be normal and that if it was really a serious matter, it would not be. will, because they have heard his stories. People are caught and punished for it.

The jobs they both have are too valuable to lose or break trust with their teams and bosses. The OP said some of the people at his job are his best friends, his pay is great and he doesn’t have to go to the office, so he would have felt guilty for not helping immediately. Project because of the cold.

Since they started working from home, they would help each other when one of them got stuck in a complicated task.

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Apart from those who warned the OP not to get caught or make a habit of such job swapping, others liked the story and fell in love with his wife. He felt that the husband and wife were true partners and expressed his jealousy over such a relationship.

While it sounds like the OP and his wife are sane people and wouldn’t be pulling scams, working from home made it easier, because there’s less control and supervision. One way employees can take advantage of this is to do more than one remote job at a time.

One day the husband caught a bad cold when his team was on a time crunch to finish a project, so he really didn’t want to let them down.

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The Wall Street Journal states that “according to employment lawyers, the approach does not violate federal or state laws, but it may represent a breach of contract or raise privacy issues. May result in dismissal of the employee”.

They also talked to such dual employees and found that they earn between $200,000 and $600,000 per year, including bonuses and stock, but their work weeks don’t even last 40 hours. They were able to reduce their student loans or set aside more money for their children’s college funds and have money for some fun.

The way it works is that people don’t strive to be the best, but put in enough effort to maintain the work and reap the rewards. They will start canceling appointments and may take time off from a job to tackle another project for the year.

When his wife found out, she offered to work in his place because she had free time and her husband needed to rest for a quick recovery.

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There’s actually an entire website and community dedicated to those interested in working remotely. unemployed. They agree that the scheme has its risks, but the worst thing that can happen is that you get caught and fired: “Okay, so you get fired. And you need to find another job. Oh wait, you’re already an expert at landing remote jobs!

However, there are a few nuances and the main one is that you have to lower your expectations and effort for each task. “You will need to accept average to above average performance in one job (what you consider your primary job) and mediocre to substandard performance in the other job. In the long run, this will affect your career. and may have implications for professional networks.

He still believes that to be a superstar, you have to focus on one thing, but “if you don’t care about a potentially unhappy boss or workplace politics, this is the path for you.” – Dual income and early financial independence.”

This way the husband’s team that he cared about so much didn’t get hurt, he was able to relax and prove once again what an amazing wife he has.

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Think you can juggle two jobs at once? Would you say that honest work brings the best results? Also, how do you feel about the couple in the story? Do you think the wife’s behavior is moral? Leave us your reactions in the comments!

While some warned the couple not to make it a habit, others felt their hearts melt at the treat.

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