“He got quiet and left after a while”: Guy goes crazy after discovering girlfriend has breast implants

Relationships are probably the best way to understand what a person is really worth, because how will you know what they are worth if you don’t see their relationships with others? Many people jump into relationships and even marriages too quickly without fully knowing and understanding their partner and as a result it turns into a bitter disappointment for them later.

Just agree, it would be very easy to have a certain trial period in a relationship, and only after it’s over, after you understand who the person you’ve chosen is, make further decisions – that Since then, to be with them until the end. Try to find your day, or someone else. Maybe, at least it would be fair.


A few days ago, user u/MaxineLu7 shared her story. on the AITA Reddit communityWhich has already received more than 15.4K votes and about 1.7K different comments. And the majority of commenters agree that the author of the post was lucky in many ways, because she realized what her boyfriend was like in the early stages of the relationship. However, let’s talk about everything in order.

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The author of the post had plastic surgery and breast augmentation several years ago.


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The author of the post had already been in a relationship with her boyfriend for four months at the time of the story. According to the woman herself, a few years ago, she had a nose job to address the problems she had been dealing with since childhood, when she broke it twice. And then, a year later, the original poster got a breast augmentation that made her two cup sizes bigger. The author admits that she was bullied a lot in her youth, so the surgery only gave her some self-confidence.


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According to the woman’s own words, her relationship with “Max” developed without a cloud, until one fine evening they were sitting next to each other on the couch and scrolling through his social media together. OP came across a photo of her old classmate from vacation wearing a bikini and it was pretty obvious she had implants.


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One day the author’s boyfriend occasionally told her that implants were “a huge turn-on for most guys.”

And at this point, Max said that OP’s friend seemed “gross.” In response to her surprise, the man said that women who get implants or other surgery are “a huge turn-off for most guys”, and that anything natural is better than “two balloons”. Which supposedly only emphasizes women’s self-esteem.

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The woman only told him that she also had implants and then the boy got angry and left after a while.

The author of this post just laughed at him and asked: “So you’re turned off by me?” Max is shocked, and then the woman tells him that she also has implants. The boyfriend didn’t believe her at first and had to show her some old photos. The man fell silent and left after a while. And sometime later, the OP gets a message from him, saying that he should have disclosed it on the first date, how he led her on and that he needs to rethink things. .

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A few days passed – no hearing from Max, and it was then that he wrote that he wanted to continue the relationship and wanted to talk. However, by that time, our h*roine had already managed to think over the situation several times, and came to the conclusion that Max is not the person with whom she wants to spend her life, and how good it is that he After that showed his essence. Only four months into the relationship.

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The author of the post texted the man that she wanted to get out of the way and he retaliated by labeling her an “ignorant.”

Anyway, OP texted her ex-boyfriend and got another message back: “I was hoping we could make an honest start, but I guess only one of us is mature enough to Can work out each other’s flaws in a relationship. I’m glad you revealed this about yourself before I got too involved. Bye, good luck finding someone because any real man would respect someone like that. won’t do who can’t even respect his own body.” This was the last straw, and our h*roine blocked Max for good reason.

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According to statistics, breast augmentation has continued to be popular among Americans for the past two decades.

However, the insurmountable statistics do not quite agree with Max. For example, According to the Aesthetic Plastic Surgery National Data Bank, Americans spent more than $1 billion on breast augmentation in 2020, and the total number of surgeries was just over 250,000. If we compare the 212.5K operations performed twenty years ago, we can definitely say that there is a constant demand for the procedure, and the reasons for this are not always psychological in nature.

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However, one expert believes that it is the man who appears to be emotionally immature in this situation.

“This is a man who seems emotionally immature in this situation,” says Irina Matveeva, a Psychologist and Certified NLP Practitioner Who asked To comment on this particular story. “In any case, the author of the post did what she considered comfortable for her, and if she liked it better, no one has the right to condemn her. Especially in such conditions as Max did.

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“A man tries to manipulate a woman’s mind, a poor man tries to blame her for a problem that is clearly only inside her head. Oh yeah, and a Trying to present your personal opinion as a public opinion is also a clear ‘red flag.’ In general, I’m really glad that the h*roine of this story understands what Max is like,” says Irina Matveeva.

People in the comments claim that the author of the post was lucky that the boy exposed himself as misogynistic so soon.

It must be said that most commenters agreed with the expert’s opinion, saying that the original poster was lucky that her ex-boyfriend turned her around in just four months. She could have gotten married before she knew he was so shallow and misogynistic, in which case it would have been more difficult to break up painlessly, people in the comments opined.

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Additionally, people in the comments doubted that Max is as much of a connoisseur of female beauty as he pretends to be – after all, after having a couple hands and being in a relationship for four months, he has his girlfriend. Could not identify Freund’s implants. “Unless it was her first pair,” quipped some commenters.

We think you already have a definite opinion about the characters and their behavior in this story, so please feel free to express yourself in the comments below this post. And if you have experienced or witnessed something similar in your life, please share your story in the comments.

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